ManyChats Happening on Facebook – How To Create A Messenger ChatBot

There are entrepreneurs, who are very much interested to use bots that can help them boost their sales and enhance their customer support. However, some of them do not have an idea on how to do it or how to find experts to work on this matter. By the way, if you are a computer literate and willing to learn, then maybe you can try to setup your own automated system. However, if you lack the skills, then it would be ideal to leave this task to the IT specialists, so that you can accomplish your automated system mission.

Anyway, you will not surely worry about hiring an expert because a lot of firms are offering this kind of service for various niches. Now, going back to the idea of creating a platform or an interface for your messaging. Let me ask you, why would you like to use a chatbot and do you think this is the best marketing strategy for your type of business? Well, it is not easy to say how effective this automation would be. But I guess, entrepreneurs won’t be very interested to use it, if it won’t be helpful in promoting their brand.

That’s why, as a business owner or manager, you have to prepare your Facebook pages and Manychats to start this project. You need a landing page because it is where you are going to promote and showcase your products and services. And then, you will be needing applications like the ManyChat as a tool to deal with the automated feature. I supposed, we are ready to setup and create your own basic marketing bot.

Determining the Purpose of your Chatbot

First of all, you have to set your goal by determining a purpose. Why would you like to create one? Go over any of your previous interactions with the consumers and list down what questions are often asked. These are the same questions that your bot will receive and must be given the right reply, as if the users are chatting with the human.

The purpose is very important because this will serve as your goal and the primary reason why you are working on this bot. you should know that through this system, you will be given an opportunity to have a wider range of marketing and better chances of selling products. For example, if you are offering food services, then the bot may show the user a daily or special menu. Keep in mind that this machine is a reflection of what you are, so this will deal with the guests just like how you want to treat them.

Creating a Free Account in ManyChat

You have to learn how to create a free account to use ManyChat. This would be very easy as long as you can read and understand the language. Simply go to the official website and do the steps.

Be reminded that you will just need a free account. Therefore, click the Get Started Free button. And then, sign in with your Facebook account. This will give the ManyChat a permit, so that you can manage the business landing page’s messages. After that, connect your business page and you will see your dashboard. You may go to for more instructions on how to install this app.

Creating a Greeting Message

It is very important to greet your visitors, right? Actually, this is one way to start a good conversation with the users. There are guests or viewers, who usually responds to a welcome message. That’s why, with this, you should be able to convert a seen mode to an interaction.

By the way, you can always modify this message on the Automation tab. You can find this menu on the left hand side. Make sure to use the right words to welcome a user because this may lead to an opportunity and a chance to turn this target viewer as a potential customer.

Actually, this message would be more effective, if you can give the viewers some options. What do you think are the guests expecting to read or hear from you? That is what you need to show.

Using Keywords for Chatbots

Just like in a usual website tailored for SEO purposes, you also need keywords because this will be used in automating the response of the bot. For example, if your business niche is about shoes, then a user may key in a model, color or size. These must be included in your keywords.

On the left side of the menu, you will find there the Keyword options. For every keyword, you will have a corresponding action. Let’s say that you may create a reply by giving more options, adding or removing tags, notifying the admin of the business page and opening a new topic to for conversation purposes.

Every reply that you have to send to the guest are customized. That’s why it is very important to know the usual chatbot queries, so that you will know what keywords and answers will be fed into the system.

Adding Buttons on the Landing Page

Another important thing that would be necessary for your marketing purposes is the use of the message buttons on the business or landing page. Let’s say that after your greetings, the user clicked the button or link going to the landing page. During this time, you can say that the target viewer is interested to find out about your products and services.

Now, you will use the buttons for different functions. It may give you options, lead to conversations or provide information and may even go directly to the sales page. This will depend on what you would like the visitors to do on this page.

To do this, you can go to your Facebook settings or menu, and then look for the Add a Button option. The Contact You and the Send Message options will pop up. From there, you may choose the Messenger.  After this, you may try, if it is working well and modify for experimentation.