MilesWeb Review: Power of Dedicated Hosting

Are you planning to heighten your business? Because I think I can help you with the best hosting plans.

But, the first question that arises in my mind is whether you are willing to switch hosting. 

The best time to switch to a better hosting service is when you have outgrown the traffic, want to expand the business, and require complete privacy in terms of a physical server.

You don’t have control over the physical server if you are currently using VPS hosting. VPS hosting offers a virtual private server. Although a virtual server provides complete isolation, it doesn’t deliver control over the machine.

VPS hosting is everything you need to improve privacy and security. However, it still lacks the productivity a dedicated server can provide. The dedicated server is way more dynamic in all aspects. So if you want to heighten your business more, I believe a dedicated server has the power to help you expand.

It has the capability to handle the outgrown traffic on VPS hosting. 

Plus, businesses need forever polishing and enhancement. Supposedly you earned 10,000 this month. In the next month, you would want to earn 15,000. The cycle of growing better and increasing wealth keeps going. That is the ultimate motive of any business, right?

So, to keep the pace and double the growth, switching to better hosting is also essential.

Better hosting service can not only improvise the performance but can also generate more traffic and sales. That is why I am recommending you switch early. It will increase the existing traffic, generate more sales, and better performance.

How is Dedicated Hosting Different from VPS?

VPS hosting offers a virtual server. The physical machine creates many such virtual servers, which are distributed among users. Then users control their servers accordingly.

In VPS, the server is all yours but on a virtual level. While in dedicated hosting, you get the whole physical server.

If VPS is a small part of the ice cream box, then cheap dedicated server hosting offers the whole ice cream. That means you receive the benefit of complete isolation.

It is not that VPS doesn’t provide isolation. It has privacy but, that is virtual. In dedicated hosting, there is a physically isolated environment. No user is going to own a part of your server in any way.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

  • Dedicated resources
  • High security
  • Unbeatable performance
  • Helps increase rank
  • Reduces downtime and bounce rate
  • No risk of threats

Which is the Best Dedicated Hosting Company?

You can opt for MilesWeb dedicated hosting. MilesWeb is the right web hosting provider for your business. They have all you need to flourish your business.

They have been in the hosting industry for 9 years. MilesWeb’s quality services have helped 30,000 customers worldwide. If I am recommending the company, they are sure the best. MilesWeb also provide web hosting in Dubai.

The host offers dedicated hosting at reasonable rates. You can purchase any dedicated hosting plan, and you will receive ample benefits.

There are more than ten plans. The lowest dedicated hosting plan costs Rs.6,999/m. It is suitable for users switching to dedicated hosting for the first time.

It also depends upon the needs of the website. If the website requires a better plan, you can make the choice.

The highest dedicated plan costs around Rs. 46,999/m. All resources are expandable as per the plan and provide the best experience.

What are the Advantages of Hosting with MilesWeb?

The number one benefit you get is an inexpensive dedicated server. Other than that, you can enjoy tons of features. 

MilesWeb also offers an additional managed and customized dedicated hosting service. If you want the company to manage your server or want a plan with required resources only, you can contact the sales team.

Unlimited Website Hosting – MilesWeb’s dedicated plans allow you to host unlimited websites. You don’t have restrictions over the number of websites you wish to host. You can also shift your other websites to the dedicated server.

Service Level Agreement – The company pledges to offer uptime of 99.99% through a service level agreement. This is the highest network uptime any host will ever provide.

Website availability is essential. It should run smoothly at any time visitors browse, and MilesWeb knows the priority well.

Customization – As you have full control over the server, you can customize as per your preferences. The company allows full SSH root access and makes the server management task easier.

You can monitor all activities, manage domains and sub-domains, and a lot more.

Security – MilesWeb ensures a high level of security with dedicated hosting. Your website is safe from any threats. Plus, no other user’s traffic will impact yours. You are in complete isolation with no one around.

Reliability – As there is no sharing of server resources, the bare metal server is highly reliable to your high web applications.

Final Words 

Dedicated hosting helps expand the business. It heightens the existing traffic and sales. Plus, dedicated servers are highly secure and reliable.

MilesWeb gives you full control over the management of the server. You may look after it as you want. The company is inexpensive, so there is no stress of huge investment as well.

If you have decided to grow more, MilesWeb is the right choice!