Optimize these 6 On-Page SEO Aspects for Improved Traffic and Rankings

Search engines consider a number of on-page and off-page SEO factors to drive traffic to websites and determine its rankings. Just in case you didn’t know, on-page SEO is all about optimizing web pages to improve a website’s ranking in search engine results page.

The techniques involved in on-page SEO mainly comprises of optimizing HTML tags, headlines, and images. This is also about ensuring that your website has a good level of trustworthiness and authoritativeness. The Albuquerque digital marketing experts describe the important aspects of on-page SEO you need to concentrate upon:

Title Tag:

Title tag stays at the top of a web page and it provides an insight towards what the topic is all about. Title tag will be displayed in the search engine results pages in a clickable form. Despite being a simple element, a poorly written title tag does adversely impact the Albuquerque SEO performance. Make sure you optimize it for better organic traffic and ranking.


To ensure that your text content receives as much traffic as possible, you should create compelling headlines. A good headline will make a huge difference by attracting readers to check out your content. A headline should stand out and create a sense of curiosity and interest among readers to come to your website and read the content.

Meta Description:

Meta descriptions give a glimpse to your web page content, and is displayed below the title tag. Even though the meta descriptions do not contribute significantly towards rankings, a well-written description does help in bringing more traffic to your website.

Solid Content:

Text content should be produced with SEO in mind. This is not just about doing keyword research and stuffing your content with keywords. You should be creating an elaborate content that clearly answers specific questions of readers. Your written content should be of great quality, and be relevant to the search queries.

Image Optimization:

Images does make your website intriguing. But remember that all images are not the same. Some of them could potentially slow down your website, which eventually affect your SEO rankings. Analyze the images and optimize them for improved user experience, faster page load speeds, and better ranking through Google image search. An Albuquerque SEO company can help you out with this.

Resolve Keyword Cannibalization:

Several people are under the impression that targeting a specific keyword in multiple web pages could help you rank better. But that is not true. Doing so could lead to keyword cannibalization that can severely impact your SEO results. Different web pages targeting the same keyword will make it hard for the search engine to determine which page is to be ranked for what term. This further impact conversion rates, content quality and more.

Your success in Albuquerque digital marketing is highly dependent on the above-mentioned aspects on-page SEO. When combined with the relevant off-page and Technical SEO aspects in your strategy, your business will find success in the digital space in no time.