Paris and Overwatch for You Now

The newest map that was introduced in Overwatch, Paris, must be adjusted according to players. The choke points lead to frustration with many an Overwatch fanatic.

Paris was brought to Overwatch in mid-February and quickly grew into a frustrating gaming experience for fans of the shooter. The biggest problem with the map is the chokepoints that, according to various players, are too strong for the defending parties. With the overwatch boosting service  you can have the smartest wins now. They truly help you out.


Overwatch: Players want Paris to be adjusted

Some already complained extensively about it on Reddit: “I have played this folder more than twenty times now and I have never had a good time. From being completely blocked by bastion bunker compositions to being stopped for six minutes at the second point, even if you win team fights. ”It seems that the design is fiercely in favor of the teams that can control the chokepoints.

Overwatch: Players want Paris to be adjusted

The consensus is that the first choke point, Point A, is too difficult to break through. It has already been suggested that an alternative route would solve a lot of problems. However, there are other players who think that the map as a whole should be removed from the game because it cannot be saved.

The All Star Game of the Overwatch League is near and Blizzard announced all participants, these twelve players will fight it out for each other.

After a vote by the fans, the twelve participants of the Overwatch are All Star Game, which will be held during the All Star Events on 15 and 16 May. The main event is a game between the Pacific and the Atlantic divisions.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced a Workshop mode for the team-based shooter Overwatch, where players can influence certain aspects of the game.

The Workshop offers players the possibility to create their own game modes for Overwatch, and the Workshop is now also available on the PTR. The new mode allows players to adjust certain parameters such as speed or damage, in which way they develop their own game forms, which we also see at Fortnite Creative, for example.

Overwatch gets Workshop mode

Blizzard himself already gave an example of such a fashion that they call Molten Floor, which is actually a game of ‘the floor is lava’ where players take damage when they hit the ground. Blizzard already gave an extensive explanation about how ‘scripting’ works, check everything about it here. It has even been suggested that new heroes can be made in the new game mode.

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