POS cash register system – advantages simply explained

A POS cash register system, i.e. point of sale cash register system, can relieve you of a lot of work.

But what exactly does a POS system offer? And how can it make your everyday work easier?

In this article you will find out everything you need to know about the POS system. We also point out the currently most important laws that you should absolutely observe.

In retail, it is important to always offer your customers the best service. After all, you want loyal customers who like to come back, don’t you? POS software is therefore ideally suited for retail. Because on the one hand you can offer your customers a lot of added value and on the other hand such a checkout system takes a lot of work off your hands.

But what functions does a POS system offer?

Cashing in

Of course, cashing in is the most important item on this list. A modern cash register system must first and foremost be easy to use. The induction period should therefore be very short for you and your colleagues. POS cash register systems shorten the training period enormously. After a short time, you and your colleagues can start collecting money – quickly and reliably. A more efficient service of your customers is guaranteed.


Anyone who wants to develop their company healthily and in the long term has to do business well. A POS system helps you with barcode administration, branch management, the classification of VAT and the creation of your product catalog. Everything in one place and without annoying paper.


You can only grow in the long term if you always have a good overview of your sales. With a POS cash register system, you can create statistics and analyze individual data records in real time. Most POS tills even allow data to be exported so that you can forward your documents to the tax office or your tax advisor.

Advantages of the POS system and Lightspeed pos review

You have already seen that POS systems can do a lot of work for you. Your advantages briefly

100% lawful

Merchandise management

Analysis of your sales

Everything digital in one place

Individually adapted to your business

Simple and reliable

Is a POS system compliant with the law?

Also, in 2020 there are new regulations that retailers have to pay attention to. The new pos system came into force in January 2020. This is to ensure that manipulation of electronic cash registers is no longer possible. It should therefore be made more difficult to delete or change sales.

But why do we refer you to laws and regulations in this post? Well, from our point of view, this is one of the most important points. Because those who do not adhere to the ordinances of the tax office can expect fines of up to € 25,000. A modern cash register system can help here and protect you from high fines.

Conclusion: A POS cash register system offers everything you need from A to Z.

POS systems not only offer you a high level of convenience, but also serve as a professional management tool. You can use these modern cash register systems to organize your entire business and even create statistics and evaluations of your sales.