Reasons for the Texas authors to become popular all over the world

The beauty of Texas is that it is surrounded with wide open spaces and this is the reason that has inspired the authors of Texas. The state has fantastic works of fiction that is written by the authors since centuries. It is known to be a home to all the legendary authors. These books are known for the literary landmarks of the state.

Who are the famous authors?

  • One of the most well-known texas authors is Elmer Kelton who was born in the city of Archer. He studied journalism and then decided to become a writer. He is mainly known for writing western novels and wrote about forty novels. He has also received many awards for his books.
  • Catherine Anne Porter is another author from Texas who is basically a short story writer. Initially she started her career as an actress as wellasa singer. But for certain reasons, she fell ill and began to write for magazines. She published her collection of short stories named as Flowering Judas. She later wrote only one novel named as Ship of the fools. Her works are different and are based upon dark themes. She was also known to be a critic of politics and society during her times.
  • The other famous texasauthors are Larry McMurthy who is also a screen writer in Texas. He has written many novels but the best known is The Last Picture Show. Many of his novelswere adapted into films that ahs also earned Nominations for more than 25 Academy awards.

The literary world organises a festival of Texas books and aims to encourage young book lovers. They festival is organised to bring all the fiction writers under one platform. This is also a way to encourage young writers form Texas. It is one of the best ways to create more authors in the state of Texas.