Reasons to use proxy

A proxy server, in simple terms, is an intermediary between your device (computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc.) connected to the Internet and the WAN itself. Anything you do on the Internet goes through the proxy first. That is, the proxy server processes the information and then gives you the result.

What you can do with a proxy-server

Possible reasons to use a proxy:

  • To protect your data from theft and your passwords from hackers;
  • Turn on anonymous surfing when you visit different sites;
  • Communicate in chats on any topic without any limitations, bypassing bans and other measures;
  • Visit resources to which you do not have access or access is denied by the system administrator;
  • Visit banned sites at school, work, and so on.

Many users have a question: what does a proxy server do? We all know from our childhood that the shortest way from point A to point B is, of course, the straightest one. But what we need is not shorter, but faster and more reliable. That is, we need a reliable and at the same time fast connection to the Internet. Moreover, often the speed does not depend on the shortest path.

Today the most common is a proxy server that does not require any additional settings. The thing about residential proxies is that they allow you to work online without worrying about speed or other problems. Using such a proxy server eliminates the expense of purchasing equipment and setting up specialized programs. Everything is set up and ready to work by default.

You only need to configure your browser. This proxy server can be successfully used absolutely free of charge. And there are no special differences between it and paid servers – only some nuances, which can be both positive and not so, and affect the work on the Internet.