Roku Mobile Apk

What is Roku Mobile Apk?

Do you have a Roku smart TV with you? Then Roku Mobile Apk is a must have apk in your android mobile. Why I am telling so? If I answer that question simply, I can say that Roku mobile Apk is a nice apk that you can use as a remote control for your Roku TV. We use Roku TV to stream thousands of hit movies and TV shows all around the world and the Roku Mobile Apk provides you with a newer experience in streaming your loved videos in your Roku TV.

Is it free?

Yes of course, the Roku mobile Apk is a free apk that you can download and install easily in your android mobile from Google Play Store. Is you device run slow due use of other apps, you can use RAM cleaning tools like Clean Master.

Features of Roku mobile Apk

If you have Roku mobile Apk in your android mobile you can cherish some benefits for free.

·         Control your Roku TV using your mobile

If you haveRoku Mobile Apk then it makes very easy to control your Roku TV using the mobile as a remote controller. You will be granted with the opportunity of streaming any video you like using your Roku TV for Android TV. You can enjoy a quick and an easy search of your favorite videos through this Roku Mobile Apk.

·         Watch your photos and videos in the big screen

The Roku Mobile Apk supports you to share media files in your mobile with your Roku TV. You can have a nice a view of your and your favorite person, favorite view and also videos in a big screen. You can enjoy beautiful slideshows of your favorite pictures through this amazing app.Moreover, you can listen to music in your mobile also through this feature.

·         Listen alone

Imagine that you have a sibling who is going for an examination. Then sometimes it is very hard for you to watch the television as you wish because of the noise. But thanks to Roku Mobile Apk you can be free from that difficulty. How? Roku Mobile Apk gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite movie or the TV show through your headphones. Three of you can listen in this manner, by connecting your headphones in three different mobiles. What a cool feature, isn’t it? I know that most of you may love this feature.

·         Search using your voice

Searching using your voice is also an outstanding feature that most of the Roku Mobile Apk users love. With this feature you can search anything that you want easily and quickly by using your voice. The voice detector will search for anything that you ask it to search like movies, actors, directors etc. It makes the searching very easy and comfortable. But this feature is available for limited area only including US, UK and Canada

No need to worry because not only this voice searching you can also use your keyboard to search videos in Roku TV. It is also very easy and quick

To enjoy the above features, you have to connect the Roku TV and the Roku Mobile Apk running device to the same wireless network. There are many channels to watch and sometimes the access to some channels are given for some payment. But if we consider the overall features of the apk it is a very cool apk that you must have if you own a Roku TV box as this enables quick and easy search and control your Roku TV. So, hurry and download this nice apk file Roku Mobile Apk in your android device.

You can download Roku TV for any Android TV box using Filelinked. Filelinked is also like AC Market. Only difference is Filelinked specially designed for Android TV boxes.