SayCheese Remote Camera

Wouldn’t be an incorrect to say that the whole world knows and is fond of CHEESE. Be it Babies, Kids, Youth and the elderly. Cheese is smooth and is tasty. Now an app that does justice to its name. SAY CHEESE – remote camera. In usage this camera is as smooth as cheese and will certainly give its user a satisfying experience of an Android camera app that will be as tasty as cheese. Here are some of the main features Say Cheese app has to offer. With its novel concept of two phones say cheese camera will be an ideal device to shoot group photos. 

A group photo that will fail to cover an entire group will not give a full value to that image which is bound to disappoint one and all. The numerous activities groups will get themselves involved will be like tripping, a family meal, social events like weddings and parties. And at an occasion like this it will be a very difficult task to find a willing soul to be the clicker of the camera as nobody wants to be left out of the picture. One may not want to ask a stranger to do the job as the image outcome may not be important to the stranger as much as to one in the group. Therefore, the photo may be not up to one’s expectations. Setting the timer of the camera is another option. But once the camera timer is set all must by completion get ready for that perfect image. One with experience knows that this sounds easier than done.

Best Selfie Remote Camera

Selfies are super but to capture a group in a selfie is quite a hideous task. Considering all this Say Cheese camera has come out with an easy solution by introducing in its app the Bluetooth camera remote application. Say Cheese helps the user to be in control of the camera app by using the two phones methodology. One phone will serve as the shutter remote whilst the other serves as the remote camera. 

This way SayCheese camera app keeps control to capture the images or films in the best manner. No Wi Fi or data is required. So, the camera is always ready to serve in any environment taking off the worry from the user. HD technology allows larger, wider, clearer, and crisper images from the camera shoots. If one wants to close the remote camera it is possible with one press. With SayCheese live streaming from remote locations, breath taking scenery whilst on a trek, unique selfies all of these can be captured effortlessly. What more the app can serve as an IP or a Security camera as well. All these features will sure to make one and all to “SAY CHEESE” always.

Best Camera app for TV BOX

If you use Android camera application on your Android TV or Fire TV, then you can use this camera remote application to control it using your phone. Best and easiest way to remote capture photos on your TV with a phone.

You won’t be able to install this camera application on Android TV or Fire TV using default app store. For that you have to use third party app stores like AppLinked or FileSynced. FileSynced and AppLinked allow you to sideload any Android app or game on TV boxes.