Search Engine Optimization: How Can SEO Be Applied To A Local Business?

SEO (search engine optimization and PPC (paid search) for many years have been two of the most widely used digital marketing channels that are implemented by businesses in the west to bring in new website visitors, increase new customers, and grow revenues. In Hong Kong, companies have followed this pattern by applying SEO and paid search to acquire local customers instead of the more traditional offline marketing methods.

An experienced and reliable Hong Kong SEO company is able to use SEO to help plenty HK local businesses – The outcome is to identify the right keywords to drive many potential customers to the company’s site. Consider this situation: When many of the pages of a company site is are ranked on the first page of Google’s and Yahoo’s search results pages on organic listings, it must have improved the company website’s overall visibility on Google and Yahoo. When the positions are being maintained for a few months, new businesses (or new customers) would have grown.

When choosing the right SEO agency or consultant in HK, and choosing the right SEO strategy for the Hong Kong market, business website owners would ask these questions and get answers: “What are the methods and techniques that should be applied for optimizing the company website in terms of on-page SEO?” The agency would provide a full plan in brief in advance. The second question involves a few items: “How much time, resources, and budget should be spent on SEO?” – The business owner should be well aware of the items in the second question, as he/she is responsible to prepare to assist the SEO agency/company for starting the search engine optimization project.

The general methods and items in a SEO strategy for your target market (such as Hong Kong) should mostly include coming up with a viable content strategy for the long term, creating content that is useful to the end users, getting links that are natural to point to your site, building your brand, optimizing the technical side of your pages and the site, optimizing the on-page elements on your site, and focusing on the highest quality.

User experience is considered important by Google. It is important to show signals to Google that implies good user experience. Engagement is one aspect to represent user experience, and high engagement implies better user experience. In the coming years, engagement is going to weigh more within the ranking signals.

An example is that you can ensure your content answers the exact questions that people search on Google and Yahoo. This gets people to stay longer on your page, and perhaps people are then interested to view more content on your site. How fast a web page loads affects the experience of the users. You should run tests to find out how long it takes your most important/popular pages to fully load and become visible to your website visitors.