Selecting the Best Smartwatch for your phone

Smartwatches are now being built with intelligent features such as built-in fitness metrics, heart rate sensors, and a tracking GPS.  They serve as a business partner, personal trainer, and a guide while you are traveling. Others act as an extension to your phone while others are regarded as health devices.

They are numerous smartwatches designs available in the market, and the selection process can be quite intimidating. The following guide will help you in a hassle-free selection of the best wearable that you should purchase for yourself or your loved one.


The smartwatches are designed to work as companions to your smartphones; compatibility should be a key consideration.  Some watches are designed to be compatible with certain devices such as Android phones or iOS-powered devices.

You can check from Google whether the smartwatch is compatible with your phone or check tech review site for detailed information.  You should never purchase a watch without ensuring that it can work with your phone.


Smartwatches have a selection of apps that you can enjoy, such as Instagram and Yelp. Different versions of the watches have various apps, and you need to select a satisfactory design.  Apple watch versions have been accredited for having thousands of apps that are useful to the users. Android versions have a Google Play Store that enables you to download your best apps and install them on your smartwatch.

The ideal thing of having many apps is the diversified level of functions the watch can perform. You can schedule rides, order food, reply to your messages, among others.

Fitness features

Some smartwatch work as personal trainers as they have activity-monitoring features. The watch can track your movement, and some even have a pedometer essential for tracking steps. If you want the best smartwatches for use in fitness, buy those with fitness trackers.

Others have heart rate monitor useful in the course of exercising to monitor your heart rate. Another key feature is the GPS that gives a runner or biker a specific location.

Answering calls

The different designs of the watches have different methods of answering calls. Some allow you to accept or decline calls from the watch while activating the phone’s microphone or speaker to make the conversation possible.

Others have an LTE system that allows you to answer your phone from the watch. You don’t need to have your phone nearby for that to be possible.  Some manufacturers have also incorporated NFC chips in the internal of the phone to enable you to use the phone to make payment.

Battery life

Battery life determines the intervals you need to plug your watch into the socket. Some smartwatches will last for an average of two days without requiring additional power, while others will last for a lesser period.  Most watches with voice capabilities have a shorter battery life, while those with colorful screens have longer battery life.

Other smartwatches have wireless charging options; you don’t have to plug them into a charger. With these types of watches, you lay them on the charging puck for a certain period.

Lastly, it would be best to consider the above factors in the buying process of an ideal smartwatch that suits your needs. Check this link to get the latest deal on Garmin products here.