Small Assembly Robots in Big Manufacturing Industries

Unlike in the past where large manufacturing companies relied on big robots to carry out their various industrial processes, tables have since turned and today small assembly robots are doing much of the work. The realisation that small assembly robots come with more benefits has seen the rise of the robots in all the major large manufacturing industries forcing the number of the robots to rise in the market. The rise of small assembly robots in the market also comes with a wider choice of products available making competition high.

However good as it may seem, the infiltration of small assembly robots into the market also comes with its own challenges alongside the benefits. For starters, manufacturing industry owners have to deal with many different brands of the robots in the market and ascertain the ones that can responsibly carry out their applications effectively. They need to compare and evaluate the costs of the robots on offer and gauge them against the tasks. To help them with the task of evaluating if they are getting the real deal, the y need to look at certain to guide them through the acquisition process. At you can any Classified Cars UK according to your budget and requirements

What to expect from small assembly robots

·        Tasks

Small assembly robots have three to six axes and even though they bear the name small assembly robots, they come with features that allow them to carry out many other tasks besides just assembly. The tasks include all functions in packaging and  manufacturing such as palletizing, product insertion, surface finishing, welding, painting, grinding, potting, loading and unloading, machine tending, material removal and handling, pick and place, polishing, package forming, press fitting, nut driving, labelling, inspection, screw driving and much more. Before embarking on the purchase of any small assembly robot, it is good to understand the tasks that the robot can carry out efficiently.

Many of the robot-manufacturing firms today, have small assembly robots that can carry out majority of the manufacturing and assembly applications. One such example is the Universal Robots with the UR series, which is easily reprogrammable to carry out as many functions as possible and use alongside various machines. The small UR series  robot assembly by Universal Robots has extensions customised to meet all your company’s manufacturing and assembly requirements.

·        Training

When purchasing the small assembly robot, you have to understand that your employees are new to them and you therefore need to buy from a manufacturer willing to offer free training. Some of the best-known robot manufacturers offer training with every purchase of their small assembly robots, which is why you should only buy from the best.

·        Reliability

Deploying small assembly robots expands your company’s production capabilities and increases the consistency, speed and quality of the processes. They are fast, easy to use and safe to work alongside people and other machines. Reliability of the small robots also comes in their ability to re-use programs for tasks that are recurrent. Reprogramming of the robots should be fast with different applications so as not to waste time and costs. The UR series from universal robots is easily reprogrammable and allows you the agility to automate almost every task including the small and recurrent ones. Now get Top Savings on used mini countryman cars on CarSite

·        Cost effective

Unlike the old traditional large robots, one of the advantages of having small assembly robots is cutting down costs. Some of the costs that the small robots lower are operation costs such as added set up, and programming costs, majority of the small assembly robots cone with programmed settings and sensors and can start work immediately. Other costs that small robots save the company from are labour costs.

Whereas in the past, you had to hire people to carry out certain tasks that larger robots could not tackle, now you do not have to worry about that because the small robots can access any place in the industry and carry out any task. They can also take over the most dangerous and hazardous tasks without the worry of incurring expenses on buying safety materials and paying medical fees for minor accidents.

Wrapping it up

Small assembly robots come with many advantages besides the ones listed above and they are safer, cost effective and more flexible. They make workflow easy and they occupy very little space. Whether you have a large manufacturing firm or a middle size one, you can trust the abilities of a small assembly robot.