Smartest Tastes for the Best games

Seven stocks that will get you into the e-sports phenomenon ...

In most cases you will immediately see if the apunkagames is right for you when you open the game. If you want to start your adventure better prepared, you can read the reviews, including how the game is structured, what to do and what the goal is. Elvenar is the most played game in the list, but Forge of Empires is also doing very well in the Netherlands nowadays.

Tip: Do not only look at the game, but also at the game world. It is often useful to start on the newest world. For example, the following button leads directly to the Elvenar world overview:

Make friends

Naturally, the idea is to get as high make forge of empires friends as possible in the lists yourself. But you can’t do that on your own in most games. You need people to help you and the easiest way to do this is to help people yourself.

In most games, you can ask people to become your friend by clicking a button. In all games you have partnerships, which have a different name everywhere. They are most often referred to as guilds or tribes these are players who are on the same side and who also have the same allies and same enemies.

This ensures that you can make a fist together against the other players. The stronger your friends are, the stronger you can grow as a player and that means you can get into the top lists. Of course you can also try it on your own, but very few people have succeeded. Given the number of people who are currently active on the different browser games that chance is literally diminishing day by day. For the lol smurf accounts this is important that you choose the best gamers.

Tip: Check your friends list regularly. Is everyone still active? Have you not spoken to certain people for a long time? Then it can be useful to send a message so that you also keep the friendship active. That way you know exactly which of your friends you can count on when something happens in the game.

Invest wisely

In each game you have certain supplies, resources, coins or points. All goods can only be issued once and it is wise to invest them as well as possible. For example, in the beginning it is extremely important that you invest the goods in such a way that you get higher production in return.

If you have no idea what you can best invest in, calculate the options. Put the costs and revenues side by side and you will quickly see what suits your city or village best. If you play Tribal Wars 2 and you can steal a lot of resources, you invest in troops to steal more than in buildings that produce resources.


This also applies to the free points, diamonds and gold pieces you get. You can only win or buy these at later times. Therefore, make sure you use it in a handy way, because this can make a huge difference in growth compared to the other players.