Spacewalking During Space Tourism: What You Need to Know

Mention spacewalkand most people will have flashbacks on movies such as Alien: Covenant and A Space Odyssey. However, this need not be thing from the movies alone because space tourism is here to make it reality. If you want to enjoy spacewalking, it is an awesome experience, but we must indicate, also risky and requires a lot of preparations. This is why you need to understand more about spacewalking, and we have all that you need to know.

What is Spacewalking?

Spacewalking is a term used to describe any moment when a person gets out of the space vehicle in space. It is also referred to as extravehicular activity (EVA), and the first person to spacewalk was Alexei Leonov, who took 10 minutes outside his space vehicle. Today, a lot of people spacewalk, especially astronauts, working on the international space station.

Is it Safe to Spacewalk?

As we mentioned earlier, spacewalking is a very risky activity because you are stepping outside the highly-protected space vehicle, where there are so many risks, especially cosmic radiation. To make it safe, spacewalking is only allowed with the right equipment. For example, you need to have ample oxygen to breathe for the entire period when you will be outside the space vehicle and pressurized suits designed to prevent radiation from getting into your body.

To make spacewalking even more secure, space travel companies only allow it when a person is under the strict and full-time observation of an experienced crew. Furthermore, you will be tethered to the space vehicle all the time when spacewalking.

What Experience Should You Expect When Spacewalking?

The experience is awesome. Some prefer to call it a once-in-a-lifetime experience that no one should miss. However, it is also not for the faint-hearted, especially for those who are afraid of heights. Think of it this way; you are just there floating in space with only a tether. It can be scary, right?

However, this will be a great moment to take some priceless and timeless photos for your home album. The photos might become the reference points for books, journals, documentaries, or other space-related work. What a great way to be part of history?

Do All Space Travel Companies Offer Spacewalking? Andrey Bokarev

As we have highlighted, spacewalking is a complex activity, which comes with huge risks. Particularly, the required protective equipment and training can be pretty expensive, raising the risk of pushing the cost further up. This is why most of the companies are not offering spacewalkingactivities at the moment.

As more companies venture into space tourism, the activities are also going to increase, including spacewalking. This diversity, to agree with Andrey Bokarev, is likely to attract more people, especially those seeking unique travelling experiences. Note that only the companies offering orbital flights are likely to allow spacewalking because others engaging in suborbital flights take a very short time in space.

Spacewalking is a unique experience that people look forward to when travelling to space. Because there are many companies offering space travel, make sure to identify the one with good programs for all the activities in space, from spacewalking to photography. Only engage spacewalk when it is safe!