Talkspace’s 6 Ideas For Summer Social Distancing Dates

For most singles out there, the past few months have been lonely. People are dying to get back to the dating game and no one can blame them. Due to COVID-19 “normal” dating is out of the picture, unfortunately. Social distancing and masks are the new normal for a while to come.

We have the duty of protecting those around us as well as ourselves as the world tries to contain the deadly virus. During a time when kissing on the first date is common, a real challenge is posed to dating. In order to stop the rapid spread of the virus, we all have the duty to follow regulations when going on dates or even to the supermarket. Wearing a mask is a law in some cities or states.

Sending selfies and just texting amongst singles will not last forever. Talkspace claims people who have been communicating online will get the opportunity to link up as re-opening of more places is happening. However, safety is not guaranteed just because of the re-opening of places.

Healthy Social Distancing Tips


So as to confirm who you are chatting with, virus or not, it is always advisable to video chat so as to avoid getting scammed. Catfishing will still happen despite a pandemic. You should be very careful with someone who declines to video call or Facetime. In addition to that, you will know if you still want to meet the person after speaking to each other on video as you learn more about their body language.

Discuss risk and exposure

You should inform the other person if you have been exposed to the coronavirus. Talkspace says you should avoid dates if you know you have been exposed, even if keeping distance and wearing a mask. Keeping distance and wearing a mask does not guarantee a risk-free date.

Acknowledge Awkwardness

Dating is already awkward for many people to begin with and adding a pandemic with numerous safety guidelines could make them even more nervous and awkward. It helps to come to terms with this before the date or at the beginning. You can break the ice by acknowledging the weird situation.

Summer Distancing Dates Ideas

  1. Picnics

Going to the park on a beautiful evening and setting it up yourselves is always a good date. If you are good at cooking you could impress your partner with your skills or simple carry takeout with you. Champagne, beer, or wine could be carried as well depending on the park’s regulations on alcohol.

2.Being Active

If during quarantine you have had an active hobby you have you could possibly do it together. This could be anything like rollerblading, skateboarding, running, and biking. Pick a wide enough location so as to be comfortable while doing the activity.

3.Going for a hike

Pick a trail and go hiking if you both happen to be nature lovers. Depending on your fitness and time, picking the perfect trail that is ideal for the date would be wise. Hiking will lead to more conversation as compared to skateboarding or biking. You can also enjoy the views of packed snacks.

4.Outdoor bars and dining

Outdoor dining is the safest dining experience during this pandemic. The summer weather can be better appreciated anyways. A rooftop bar is also a good setting as you watch a sunset, very romantic.

5.Going to the Beach

Pack your blankets and beach chairs and go to a nearby beach. Find a quiet spot an set your chair, then let the relaxing start. This is also a chance to show off your skills in bodyboarding, surfing, or swimming.

6.Drive-in concerts and movies

These alternatives are showing up more and more as movie theatres and concerts are banned indefinitely. It is recommended to go with separate cars to avoid transmission. Once at the venue you can roll the windows down and park next to each other or set up chairs like a tailgate.

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