The Advantages of A Medical Inventory Management Software 

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Managing a medical facility is a high stressful job, you need to provide care to patients who may or may not have life threatening conditions, and nonetheless it is the responsibility of physicians and nurses to deliver care and treatment. However, administrators and directors have to manage not only the medical staff but also the supplies and equipment that are crucial to health care delivery. Without a working inventory management system, it is difficult to keep track of the equipment, medicines and supplies that almost all medical staff and patients use. Simply making sure that patients receive the right medicine can become a nightmare if there are no inventory system in place. Most often, nurses request medicines and supplies and attaches the list to the patient’s chart. More often than not, errors and mistakes do happen with such a system. In order to provide the best care and treatment and to improve efficiency and accuracy it is imperative that medical facilities have a medical inventory management software in place. This would allow the medical staff to focus on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of their patients, rather than worrying on whether medicines or equipment are available. 

Medical Inventory Management Software

A medical inventory management software is a fully customizable computer program that manages, controls and tracks medical inventory. Most businesses rely on their inventory for day to day operations and some equipment or supplies is used more than others and they need to just deal with overstocking and shortages. In the medical field, having a shortage of even syringes can prove to be disastrous. Thus, medical facilities need to have better control over their medical supplies, medicines and equipment. The software integrates all aspects of the inventory, from requests, orders, distribution and patient charging. For example, when a doctor orders an antibiotic, the request is processed by the system and is then sent to the hospital pharmacy, the pharmacy scans the actual medicine and release it to the assigned nurse, where the nurse then fills up the physicians order and enters it into the patient’s name and room number. When the antibiotic is administered to the patient, it is then marked as used or delivered. The software then updates the number of antibiotics still in stock, and will then send alerts to the supply and purchasing division if the quantity is less than the ideal number in stock. 

Having a medical inventory management software lessens the work needed to keep track of the inventory, it also improves efficiency and accuracy, and even prevents wastage. If used optimally, the inventory software can work in the background, keeping track of where and when a supply, medicine or equipment is being used, whether there are items available in stock, and whether an order needs to be made to replenish the supply. The software can work seamlessly with the existing system of the medical facility, there is no need for costly equipment, and all you need is a QR code app or a barcode scanner. Moreover, the system is accessible in different devices from desktops to smart phones and tablets. Administrators can keep track of their inventory in real-time, and one can actually get alerts whenever a controlled medicine is checked out by someone who should not. It offers better control over medicines that we know can be stolen and sold off illegally. Controlled substances needs to be tracked and reported as required by state and federal laws, and medical facilities have plenty of those. The inventory management software helps you be on top of the movement of your inventory. 


Visualizing Your Inventory 

In the past, your inventory was done in an excel spreadsheet with numbers and other information like when it was purchased and its quantity in stock. Staring at a long list of numbers can be tedious and checking it or updating it becomes cumbersome and will then result to errors and inaccurate entries. Newer programs however offer you more flexibility as you can now take pictures of each item in your inventory so you know exactly what it looks like. You can attach QR codes or barcodes and scan it directly, so that when you check out a supply it will automatically bring out the picture of the item and you can check whether it is the right item. This offer another layer of checks and balances in an industry that has quite a number of controlled substances and high-value equipment. Moreover, public hospitals have to work with a limited budget and resources are allocated depending on the severity of the condition of the patient. Insurance claims also need to be furnished with the list of supplies and medicines charged to the patient’s account, and you need a medical inventory management software to be able to provide accurate information and avoid losses. 

Better Time Management 

Using a medical inventory management software to keep track of supplies, medicines and equipment frees up precious time of medical staff and administrators. Since the system automates the dispensing and ordering of medical supplies, the medical staff need not spend so much time manually checking the items on stock, and tracking where the mobile x-ray is being used in a five level facility. It is important to note that hospitals and other medical facilities work around the clock and the medical staff need to focus on their patients and expect that all the needed supplies are within reach. Most hospitals and clinics are understaffed, and most nurses juggle a number of tasks and responsibilities, and without an inventory management software in place, keeping track of its inventory can take up all the time and energy of the medical staff that would leave them with less than ideal focus. By having an inventory management software in place, the medical staff can also manage their time more and then be able to provide the best quality of care to their patients, and be available when they are needed and to make sure that patients are given the right treatment. 

Protect Your Investment 

In any business or enterprise, the bulk of the capital or the finances of the business is tied up in its inventory. A mismanaged inventory would mean losses for the business and even a public hospital has to make sure that resources are allocated judiciously, a private medical facility is still a business and one has to protect one’s investment in terms of costly medical equipment and supplies. When you are unable to keep track of supplies, losses are inevitable, more so, medicines and other medical substances have expiration dates. If for example a box of antibiotics have reached its expiration date, it can no longer be used and that is a loss that is no longer recoverable. Moreover, expensive medical equipment needs to be monitored, large equipment like ultrasound machines can be easily seen and located, but the most expensive ones are tiny and may get lost or stolen without anyone noticing it. You need to protect your investment, as your quality of care depends on the availability of supplies and medical equipment that is within easy access of the medical staff. The medical inventory management software ensures that you always have updated information on your equipment and that you can track who is using it. 

Easy to Use Inventory Management Software

Most often than not, people are afraid of using technology as it requires one to learn a new system and medical staff who are pressed for time and have to be on their toes all the time, would not find it worthwhile to learn an entirely new system. But thanks to advanced programming, there are now medical inventory management software that is as simple as pie. It does not require long hours of training or reading complex instructions. In fact, it is so intuitive that it will remember what features you use more than others and will provide you with options and suggestions on how to improve your use of the program. Moreover, it can be set-up and integrated into your existing system without even the need for an IT expert. It is so easy that you would not need to call any assistance, but if you do need it, there are friendly customer care staff who would help you readily. 

Medical staff who access various supplies, medicines and equipment will not find it difficult to use the program, they can even just point the scanner and everything is done. The software is fully automated and it will yield various reports and data as needed to help in decision making or data analysis. Without a doubt, using a medical inventory management software is the best way to take control of your inventory, and it is fast, reliable, and accurate and will help improve efficiency and productivity. No more patients waiting for hours to get a procedure or be treated because the supplies needed have ran out, no more expired medicines on shelf and no more time wasted on looking for that blood reagent. Indeed, the advantages of using an inventory management software outweigh the costs all the time.