The Best Perfection in Work with Instagram

How to Create the Perfect Username for Instagram

A hashtag is a word or phrase written without a space and preceded by a #. In most cases, these hashtags usually refer to keywords in your sector or even words by which users come to you.

For this reason, it is best to combine the use of generic hashtags such as #Instagram or #Tiendaonline , with other content hashtags that are used to detail the content of the image that we find (for example #food or #cafe ), with Brand hashtags created by and for your brand (for example: #gloriaca ), campaign hashtags that are those that you create for a promotion of a specific product (for example: # agenda2016).

Also, on other occasions, it is convenient to take advantage of the traffic of the well-known Trending Topic that work on Instagram in a similar way to how they do on Twitter, incorporating some of these more generic hashtags as long as they are related to the image you are publishing to attract greater traffic towards your photos. For more tracking and insights you can make use of now.

How to get followers on Instagram for your ecommerce

If you are the one who decides to create a specific hashtag to refer to your brand, we recommend that you choose a short and easy-to-remember term so that users are able to remember it easily and can share it both on Instagram and in the 140 characters of Twitter Originality is also an added value since if you are the first to use that hashtag, you will ensure that all the images that both your users and you share and contain it in their description, will be grouped within that gallery. It is also advisable to avoid terms that may be ambiguous or acquire various meanings that may damage the image of your brand as well asremove strange characters such as accents, accents or “├▒”.

The right options

One of the most common ways to publicize your brand is by organizing a contest or giveaway and the advantage that Instagram offers over other platforms such as Facebook is that it has no promotional limitations, which makes it one of the most popular time to run a contest or giveaway.

Of course, there are many different ways to make a contest or sweepstakes and e n depending on the goal you want to achieve will choose a req uisitos participation or other. In most cases, it is indicated that the person who wants to participate must follow the Instagram account that organizes the raffle as well as carry out some additional task to help spread it. Here are the 4 ideas of the most common methods:

Get like it

This contest would consist in that to participate and win something that is shown in the image, the followers must like the publication. In this way, what we achieve is that our publication achieves many likes and interactions, being able to appear on the Discover page of Instagram that appears when you click on the magnifying glass icon. In addition, by liking it, it will also appear among the interactions of our contacts, reaching more people.