The end of the likes on Instagram

The world of social media is a place where most people spend practically their whole free time scrolling on their news feed. The main purpose for many of them became to gain as many followers and likes as possible on their pictures. Some people also use suppliers from who they have the opportunity to get real followers on Instagram by buying them in order to make their accounts look influential. Same with likes. When someone has thousands of followers and likes on their posts they are more likely to be noticed by brands and companies and may have the chance to be sponsored by these brands to promote products on Instagram.

However recently Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri announced that , the application is going to change its features and likes on posts will not be visible in some countries. Young people become obsessed about receiving more likes than others and this has became a problem. The influence of social media in the last few years is really huge and some experts consider that it may affect peoples’ mental health.

The main purpose is to make the social platform mentally healthier for youngsters and only the poster will have the ability to see the number of likes he received. The Instagram team considers that making the likes invisible will result in less competition for likes and will improve the connection between people. However it may affect the business sector , but probably the quality of the content would top up and appear higher in the explore tab ,instead of the posts with many likes. Which believably would be a benefit and would make the competition equal , because as we already mentioned some people are growing their account by buying likes on Instagram.

Usually business sector hires influencers who has many likes on their posts and followers as well in order to engage their audience and gain more customers. In the future when likes become invisible probably brands will collaborate with influencers who can help them to create better content to increase the marketing effectiveness. These changes will teach the business sector  how to collaborate with effective influencers in case to improve their sales and also make their brand more recognisable and to advance their company.

In fact some countries like USA, Canada, Japan and Brazil have already started the process to see how it would be accepted by the society. People are obsessed with the number of likes their are receiving, their followers and comments on their posts. People are ready to risk their life and health because  of their desire to post the picture that would receive more likes than their competitors. Sometimes to get the perfect picture may be risky and it may put their life in danger. For example some people go to the top of some high building and take a selfie in order to be unique and impressive, however there are already some death cases, due to thoughtless decisions.

The people’s opinion regarding these changes is contradictory. Some of them think that this would be useful, however others say that it will ruin business strategies on Instagram and would affect mainly influencers, but experts opinions is that the business will continue to grow their customer base and bring profits. However the whole process of hiding the likes on the posts will take time, so we can only guess what is going to happen after this. Let’s hope that Instagram will become safer and favorable place where people would be able to have a better connection with each other without chasing huge number of likes, followers and comments.




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