The Finest Solutions in Using the Right PC keyboard

Choosing the right computer keyboard can be essential if you love playing PC or if you want a keyboard suitable for writing. In this guide you will learn what are the most important features to be able to choose the gaming, writing, wired or wireless keyboard.

You can then purchase the keyboard that best suits your needs after analyzing the various types available on the market.

Types of keyboards

PC keyboards can be divided into three main categories: membrane, scissor-switch and mechanical ones. The first technology concerns the classic keyboards that are sold when buying a PC. They can be particularly cheap models, or more sophisticated with advanced features.

Membrane keyboard

Membrane keyboards are very common and guarantee good performance. They do not have great tactile feedback, and the command typed is performed at the complete press of the button. Basically, to carry out a command, the button must reach the end of the stroke.

  • They are made up of a membrane which, simply by pressing, allows the circuit to be closed and the desired action to be performed.
  • Scissor-switch keyboards have a very short key stroke and are also installed on notebooks and MACs. They are really very light and thin, with an attractive design.

Keyboard membrane scissor switch

Mechanical keyboards are technologically more advanced than membrane ones and guarantee better performance.

The speed with which it executes a command at the pressure of the keys is clearly higher, offering greater speed of writing and action in gaming. To better explain the reasons why they perform better, I list some advantages.

The first big advantage of mechanical keyboards is pressing the keys. In practice on keyboards of this type, the button is clicked even if the button is not pressed all the way down, while on membrane keyboards, the button must be pressed completely before being able to record the command.

Mechanical keyboard pc

Already from this first difference you can guess that the mechanical keyboards are faster because they allow you to press a button at the slightest pressure, even without clicking it completely.

A second advantage of mechanical keyboards is the ability to select the most suitable switch for your use. In practice, the switch is nothing more than the mechanism of pressing the button that allows you to execute the command.

There are different switches, but the most famous and used is the Cherry MX. This type of mechanism differs in various colors, each of which satisfies a specific type of use.

Mechanical switches

For example, for gaming keyboards we recommend a Cherry MX Black or Red. Instead, a Cherry MX Blue is preferable for writing keyboards. So on the market there are keyboards with different Cherry MX. Finally a third advantage is the durability of the mechanical keyboard, which is much higher than with membrane models. In fact, there is talk of a duration of over 50 million keystrokes compared to about 1-5 million for membrane ones. Make a visit to for the best options there.