The most popular hacking techniques that you should know

There are so many reasons why people are hacking. Nowadays hacking is used by people who want to find relevant information. People that are in a relationship normally use hacking to be sure about their partner’s loyalty. Hacking has also evolved through the years. So if you are looking to hack someone’s Facebook or Instagram. Then sites like InstaEntry IG password finder can definitely help you. There are so many tools that are very effective for hacking. Below are the most common tools people use.


Phishing might be one of the oldest techniques in the book for hacking. Everyday people receive so many phishing messages. These messages most of the time are disguised as something that you will be tempted to click. Below are some samples

  • Messages telling you that you need to verify something
  • You win a prize and you will need to follow the steps to claim it through a link
  • Asking you to confirm some personal information

Key Logging

A keylogger is a tiny piece of software. When this has been downloaded to your computer it will allow the hacker to record every stroke that you create. The key logger will be able to capture every keyboard activity that you have. Usernames and passwords and even credit card numbers will be easy for them to know. In other words. Keylogger software will expose all your personal data when downloaded.

Fake W.A.P

Hackers are very capable of using software to copy a wireless access point (W.A.P). Normally in public places that you are connecting. Once you are connected to a fake W.A.P a hacker can then access the data.

Cookie theft

If you are a computer user for a long time then you are already familiar with how cookies are storing personal data. These are your history, passwords, and even usernames. This will be taken from the different sites that you access. A hacker may be able to send an I.P packet that will pass through your computer. This technique is possible if the website someone is browsing does not have an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate.

Trojans and Virus

Trojans and viruses are programs that are very malicious. When these programs are installed on your computer they will send data to the hacker. Once this is done. Hackers will be able to get access to your computer and to your files.

Hacking is not bad if done with the correct purpose. So be sure that the purpose of your hacking will not damage anyone. Hacking can be a fun way to prank someone. Be sure that you are using hacking for the right purpose.