The new transition from offline to online work

Due to the lockdown imposed by the pandemic, remote work is gaining high momentum and the rush for attaining productivity in our lives has become a priority over others. Work from home set up a call for a well demanding dedication to one’s office work due to the absence of monitoring tools and networks and tools. Remote work has become a part of the new normal since 2020. We can re-define the remote work as equivalent to the work at the comfort of our homes. Work-from-home setups do not demand much other than a stable internet connection and the needed knowledge in the assigned project. As technology is progressing at a fast pace, the workforce is getting adapted to the new normal. Surveys suggest that remote work is one of the preferred options among the many who apply for jobs due to the unlimited number of advantages.

Heading towards the future!

Remote work is an open concept that was not able to gain much popularity in the initial beginnings but now it is gaining speedy fame due to the current lockdown imposed by the pandemic. It started its journey from being called an option and ended up in a necessity!

 The advantages associated with working remotely can be listed as follows:

 1) Increase in savings due to the reduced cuts that were allotted to transportation and office management

2) Direct communication can be established regularly which boosts the morale of the employees

3) Gives a push to the workers to boost up their skills due to the absence of helping links as in the office

4) Provides the opportunity to the people who were uncomfortable with the geographical limits of the organization, so remote work ensures a level playing field for all.

The important addition to effective remote work management

Lack of productivity creates hurdles for the timely completion of the project, so it is very important to ensure effective employee monitoringAs far as the monitoring tools are concerned, Work Examiner has been able to gain significant attention and reviews from the users. 

 1) Real-time monitoring: It is capable of monitoring messages and websites that the employee engages in and can disable features that are available on the employee’s system.

2) Screen recording: This is a very important feature since it can track all the activities of the employees and provides an effective screen capture of the device used. 

3) Effective reporting: Real-time reports showing the idle time and active time can be availed by the manager at any time.

4) It enables quick alerts and notifications and helps the manager to identify people on the violation of rules.