This generation is completely advanced with special effects

The printer nyc have specialised professionals who work on special effects which is cost effective and gives best quality work.

Some special effect services are mentioned below-

  • Die cutting
  • Duplexing
  • Embossing
  • Foil stamp
  • Kraft paper
  • Metallic printing
  1. Die cutting- These services are provided at affordable prices. The edge cutting services and the staff are quiet professional. It is completely custom based. The unique shape and design fulfils the customer’s needs.
  2. Duplexing- This special effect service is basically gluing or compressing two or more papers together to form one thick sheet. It provides stiffness and adds attractive tactile to the quality of printed material. The manual skills and experienced professionals provide best services to their customer.
  3. Embossing– This special effect by printer nyc is a quiet impressive way to leave a mark on the recipients who receive business flyers or cards which have this effect on them. In this method sheets are tightly pressed in between two plates to create an inscription or a unique design.
  4. Foil stamp- This effect use metal or foils containing pigment are fixed on the plates which produces heat and as a result leaves an imprint which is quiet colourful and attractive. It looks shiny and has a dazzling quality.
  5. Kraft paper- Printer NYC uses long lasting paper made up of pulp from wood which is called Kraft paper. If the print is to be made on elastic then this paper is used. It is usually brown in colour but remains green when printed. The green colour depicts earth colour. It is also printed on brochures or flyers.
  6. Metallic printing– Particles of gold and silver metallic is included in metallic inks. This ink gives glossy texture to the characters printed. These are basically used for unique brochures and cards.

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