Top 4 Ways To Enhance Feature Adoption Amongst Customers

Features are made for customers, so these should have all the qualities that compel the customers to use it. Adoption of features can create a win-win situation for the business and end consumers. By adoption of features, the customers are able to use the application comfortably. The businesses, too, are able to accomplish the objectives features are intended for. Some of the proven ways to encourage feature adoption amongst customers are:

User-centric onboarding software is designed to make customers accustomed with all features of application.  The software can give a guided tour of all the features helping the customers know the use and function and thus, become comfortable with these. The feature adoption can be a process integrated with the onboarding software development or it can be a separate service.

  • In-product walkthroughs

When you want your customers to use the product features exactly according to their intended purposes, the walkthroughs can be the effective way of enhancing feature adoption. With the help of explanatory videos, voice chats and online demo support, one can help the customer walk through all features. They can explain the benefits of the features and way to use these for avoiding confusion and chaos.

  • Prompt customers using various subtle platforms

Team signature is sent in each and every email that connects businesses with customers. Thus, use these signatures to prompt the customer to use features introduced or present in the application. The mention of features can also be done subtly in blog posts or targeted press releases. Emails targeted to customers in marketing efforts can also comprise of feature information, which is a targeted way of keeping the customers in loop.

  • Use website and placements within application

Websites and in-app placements are other locations where information or prompt for using feature can be displayed. Since these are business owned locations, the credibility of the features cannot be questioned.

All these methods are easy to perform with the help of feature adoption software. This software offers automated tools for enhancing feature adoption. Thus, businesses can benefit from this software and create a user-oriented tool for the end users.