Top 5 Reasons to Sell CBD on Shopify’s Ecommerce Platform

Before now, Shopify had restricted the sale of CBD products on its platform. However, with its recent announcement, Shopify not only removed its previous restrictions but also created several useful tools for merchants selling CBD products on its platform.

This makes now the perfect time to consider selling CBD online. With that in mind, here are five of the top reasons you should choose Shopify to sell CBD products online.

  1. To make more money

By 2024, the CBD industry is expected to be worth over $20 billion. For commercial retailers, there is no better time to tap into this fast-growing industry than now, as the rush to tap into a sizable portion of the market is currently going on.

The recent legalization of marijuana has seen many CBD products, specifically CBD oils, going mainstream. Many customers are beginning to embrace the idea of CBD as a result of its purported positive health effects.

The health niche has always been in the top three for online traffic along with clothing and digital products. With a plan and the necessary experience, you can establish a side business selling CBD online.

  1. Variety

Maybe you have a store already and are wondering whether to switch to selling CBD online. The answer is that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing. There is a growing number of useful applications for CBD products. These range from using CBD for relaxation to topical oils, creams, medicine, pet food, and more.

The variety of ways that CBD can be used ensures that you can begin offering your existing customers useful CBD products that they could benefit from, and make money while doing so.

  1. Affiliate marketing

As a result of the success of their products, many CBD producers have created affiliate programs. This means that you don’t need to own or produce your own CBD products. You can simply set up landing pages or create your own website that links to theirs and get a commission on every product that is sold through your referral link.

To make even more of an impact, you could set up your landing page and advertise on Facebook to drive traffic and make more sales. The advantages of this system are obvious: you don’t need to worry about maintaining inventory, or a customer service department, or a physical location. All you need is an internet-connected device.

  1. Easier payouts

In the past, receiving payments as a CBD merchant on Shopify was a hassle. Merchants had to resort to creative strategies to collect payments from their customers. However, the recent announcement means that it is now easier than ever to get paid for your CBD products.

  1. Easy to get started

With Shopify, you can have your store set out in a few hours, even if you don’t know how to sell products online or design a website. With so many resources out there, you can learn as you go along and gain insightful experience, even when you make mistakes.

The CBD niche is an interesting one with many quickly evolving laws and regulations.However, it is also a profitable one, and using the Shopify ecommerce platform to sell CBD is a great solution if you are looking to get into the market.