Top Apps to Reduce Your Global Impact

Reducing our carbon footprint, single use plastics, and emissions is all of what the world is concerned about at the moment. While we’re all familiar with the rules of eco-friendliness that include turning our lights off when we leave a room and recycle wherever facilities exist, a lot of mobile phone users aren’t aware of what exactly they can do on their phones to help reduce the impact they have on the environment.

This is unfortunate because several apps do reduce the strain we pose on the natural world around us and help keep us on track towards reducing our personal impact on the environment. There’s a lot of things we should be doing as e-waste generators to eliminate the severity of how damaging it actually is to be a mobile phone user. The best apps to consider are:

  1. Carbon Footprint by Aossie

Carbon Footprint is a transportation calculator that gives real time statistics of the journeys you plan to take in a day. This could be your daily commute to work, a trip to the seaside with friends, or even a car ride across the country to see the sights. By understanding how much your vehicle emits, you’ll be better able to determine if your journey by car is truly necessary and the app helps towards guiding us to walk or cycle to work more often in order to reduce unnecessary vehicle usage. The app also includes an overall calculator that tracks how much carbon you’re emitting or saving as a result of your actions.

  1. Auto CPU Cooler Master by ZNP Labs

Something that causes us to ditch our mobile phones rather quickly is reduced battery life as time goes on. This is an understandable fact of technology as increasing demands will increase the drain of our mobile phone’s resources, which in turn decreases battery life. However, running too many of these modern apps at the same time will almost completely drain a battery within minutes due to overheating.

This is where Auto CPU Cooler Master comes into play. The app runs silently in the background to detect sudden spikes of processor usage and battery drain, then fights back to control the temperature and resource overload by closing unused apps. This has a positive knock-on effect for the environment by extending the usable life of your phone. A lot of us are too quick to jump to the conclusion that we need to upgrade our mobile phones when its performance starts to slip, which is one of the root causes of e-waste. It’s a thought we need to change.

When the time does eventually come to upgrade our tech, then we need to take the proper precautions to ensure our e-waste disposal doesn’t harm the environment. One good way of doing this is by assessing the value of your phone using a comparison website like Here, you’ll find out exactly what your mobile phone is worth and be able to make arrangements for proper disposal – all while getting some money in return!

  1. Kaspersky Battery Life Saver and Booster by Kaspersky Labs

Battery Life Saver and Booster operates similarly to Auto CPU Cooler in that it runs silently in the background and closes unused apps, but it also includes a battery life calculator that allows you to keep track of exactly how much of a load you’re placing on your resources. This provides valuable insight into whether or not it’s actually time to upgrade your phone by tracking any decline in your battery’s performance over time. Many of us will find that there’s no real need to upgrade our phones at the moment by using this app, which goes a long way to help preventing waste from unnecessarily ending up in our local landfills. The app is made by the world-famous Kaspersky Labs who are renowned for their mobile and PC applications, which ensures this app is backed by the highest quality standards.

  1. Go Green Challenge by Exystem

The Go Green Challenge is making headlines in the mobile app world by encouraging phone users to think about the world around them. The app is updated every day with challenges that help us consider the impact we’re having on the environment. These challenges are also accompanied by one weekly challenge. The sorts of challenges you’ll receive can include anything from picking up litter in your community to thinking about how much you’re buying at the supermarket to limit waste. Successfully completing challenges is charted throughout your use of the app and the overall goal is to see an upward trend where you’re becoming more environmentally conscious.

By choosing from these apps, you’re going a long way to reducing your own carbon footprint and the impact you’re having on the environment by being a phone user. Yes, mobile phones are wonderful tools and have a necessary place in our lives today, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that our phone use is at a cost to the natural world around us. Making small changes today will go a long way to securing a brighter future.