Understanding Text Mining and How It Differs From A Web Search

Data input for a specific website contains innumerable files, articles, reviews, and detailed descriptions of products that can form a clutter. Decluttering the data becomes extremely important in order to make use of the information present inside the documents. So the process of text mining involves using special software that organizes and develops premium quality information from the unorganized data available in the computer system to facilitate faster retrieval of information at the least possible cost and with minimum effort.

With the help of text mining, researchers can locate information that was previously hidden amidst millions of data points in order to prevent the risk of problems relating to safety, create new interpretations, gather more knowledge about the information stored, and help businesses maintain an excellent customer relationship system.

What is Web Search?

A search query or a web search is a text input made by an individual on a web search engine which brings out results that can either be organic or paid for. The results that have been paid for always appear as the top results being displayed and the ones that are unpaid usually come after the paid results, appearing amidst the innumerable advertisements from different sites.

The Distinction between Text Mining and Web Search

Although text mining and web search can seem to be quite similar, they actually have quite a few differences. A web search is conducted on search engines like Bing, Google or Yahoo that display results in the form of numerous hyperlinks which can be selected by the user to reach a unique information destination. Under these hyperlinks comes metadata that describes the contents of the link so that it is easy for the user to choose which links to click on.

On the other hand, in text mining, information is searched for by researchers so that they can interpret or analyze the text. The main aim of text mining is drawing out information that is useful and not just fetching documents that have certain data. Text mining is broader than web search and also helps in formulating new assumptions with the existing data.

With tools like Provalis Research text mining software, researching and analyzing data to extract valuable information becomes effortless and comes at exceptionally affordable rates in order to bring out the best of technology in the most wallet-friendly way.