Use of Ethernet as your Industrial Communication Protocol 

Ethernet would be a great option as the backbone of any automation control system for any kind of industrial sector. It is a technology which would enable controllers to connect with the help of this powerful medium. With gigabit ethernet, there are plenty of values in using it and you would be able to benefit a lot in terms of business using it as an industrial communication protocol. 

And here are the three key benefits that you would get to enjoy including flexibility, openness, and transparency as well. 


With ethernet, you would be able to mix and match different application protocols on the same media. This would provide you with the best fit for your business and from what your operation need would be able to benefit from. For industrial communication, Modbus and Ethernet would be the biggest tool to enable communication between controllers and also operational visualisation where the determinism is vital. 

During operation, there are other needs like diagnostics, time synchronization. Using Ethernet, you would be able to use existing standards as web-based diagnostics over HTTP. This kind of openness that you would be able to enjoy with the help of ethernet, it would be a cost-effective solution and would provide freedom of manufacturer selection.    


This is a great technology benefit and is a vital point as well. Being able to securely access your data from anywhere you want on your intranet and this would have a lot of advantage. Process automation always has a huge impact on the consumption of energy and the cost that the company has to incur. Ethernet would help you have access to data straight away. 

And you would require no middleware. Data consolidation would help you administer and predict the data consumption and diminish it without infrastructure evolution. There are plenty of other advantages when it comes to enjoying transparency of gigabit ethernet


Ethernet would allow you different topology over different media that you would be using. This would help with plant topology complementing at the right cost. With a daisy chain trait, this would provide a low-cost association. The use of fibre optic cable would enable the distance network to work while retaining a higher bandwidth. 

Ethernet is the backbone for various industries. This increases the agility of an enterprise’s operation. This also initiates evolution without bringing any change to the infrastructure and would be of great benefit for you.