Using NetBase to Create Effective Social Media Listening Strategies

The purpose of social media listening is to keep an eye on the social media platforms that your brand uses for marketing purposes. However, there are many other components of social listening that are beneficial, such as assessing the competition and gathering information that can be analyzed to obtain insights. This data is subsequently used to identify growth opportunities.

Social listening enables you to find out what’s happening on social media as it relates to your brand and develop a strategy for addressing any issues that arise. The information below sheds light on how you can strategically use the data obtained through social media listening to support your business objectives.

Earning Customer Trust

When developing a social media listening strategy, it’s imperative to act on the information obtained. In fact, you can gather valuable customer feedback that’s candid and actionable. For instance, customers are likely to use social media for the purpose of providing feedback regarding their experience with a brand. Your public response on social media is critical because it can help you earn customer trust. Customers are more likely to be dissatisfied when they do not receive a response to their concerns.

It’s important to recognize that prospective customers on social media are paying attention to how you handle interactions with existing customers. They are also paying attention if you don’t respond. Joining the online conversation should be part of your social media listening strategy and NetBase can help. NetBase is a company that specializes in social analytics. They have helped leading brands by providing a social media analytics platform that provides customer insights in real-time. They also provide tools to help you analyze customer data so that you can use the information obtained to advance business objectives.

Tracking the Sentiment of Your Brand

All you have to do is watch the news to find out how quickly the reputation of a brand can change. Far too often the sentiment concerning a product or service turns sour because of something negative that has happened. It only takes one event for the perception of your brand to go from good to horrible. Using NetBase tools is a great way to understand the general sentiment of the public at any given time. It enables you to respond appropriately and start the process of turning things around. Generally, the information that you obtain can be used to make the necessary adjustments to your marketing strategy.

Identifying Consumer Needs

Through social media listening, you can uncover business opportunities by examining what’s not working well and making a decision to change it. This includes feedback provided about your brand and that of your competitors. As previously mentioned, it’s important to not just gather information, but also use what you’ve learned in the development of your marketing campaign. There are many times when information procured through social listening actually provided details that could be used to better meet the needs of existing and prospective customers. It can also be used to develop new products or services that are profitable in the long-run.

Ultimately, the development of a social media listening strategy can serve to drive business growth and cultivate a positive image of your brand. Tools offered by NetBase can serve the purpose of simplifying the data gathering and analysis process. It can also make your marketing endeavors more effective and data-driven. Instead of making decisions based on best practices, you can make decisions based on hard data. The ultimate goal is to use social listening for the purpose of building brand equity and attracting more customers.