Want to Start Your Own Web Hosting Company? Handshake with MilesWeb

Want to start your own web hosting business in India? Of course some might say “it’s a good idea” while some might utter “it would be difficult to”. Even your family might be warning you that it would be very tough. You might be going through so many things from the time you have decided to. Things such as finance and infrastructure must have already taken your mind’s peace.

I am going to suggest you the simplest way of starting your own web hosting company. Do you know, you can run a web hosting business sitting at your home? Of course! How’s that possible?

Yes, you just require a computer and internet connection to run a web hosting business. Rest all is just left to your web hosting provider. This is because today several web hosting providers offer managed services and so, the burden of handling the technical issues or server management can be just left over to their technical support team. That’s so simple!

So, how do you start?

You will need to start by searching a good web hosting provider. Mmmm… that’s a bit tough task. Why? Because there are several web hosting companies in the market that are fooling you with their fake services. But you don’t worry. I am going to recommend you the best web hosting provider of India that always cares for its customers. Who are they? MilesWeb.

MilesWeb – The Best Web Hosting Company of India

MilesWeb today ranks as one of the best web hosting companies not only in India but also globally. They were established in India in 2012. Popular for providing the best and affordable web hosting services, they cater the need of every business. Right from shared hosting, Linux reseller hosting to cloud hosting, they offer all types of web hosting services.

It is important to keep your website always up for your visitors and so, they offer 99.95% uptime. Their customer support is very reliable and they are always ready to resolve your issues via live chat and email by being available round the cloud. Also, they give you an opportunity to try their services by refunding you the amount you paid if you aren’t happy with their services but only if you ask for the refund prior to 30 days of service purchase.

Reseller Hosting Plans

MilesWeb offers you cPanel reseller hosting, Plesk reseller hosting, unlimited linux and unlimited windows hosting. But in this article we are going to check their cPanel cheapest reseller hosting plans.

cPanel Reseller Hosting Plans

Features of cPanel Reseller Hosting

Not a MilesWeb Customer? Migrate Immediately: What if you can migrate for free? Yes, MilesWeb offers free migration to their server. Additionally, all your data is safely migrated when the migration takes place.

Worried About Security? Get Free SSL: Security is the most serious factors in an online business. So, MilesWeb ensures that all the websites installed on their servers are by default installed with SSL certificate. SSL is not only important for security but also it helps in ranking your website in Google and builds trust among your visitors.

Want to Add-in Profit? Becomes a Domain Reseller:  You get a free domain reseller account with their reseller hosting plans. You can resell domains via this account and add some more profit to your existing revenue. 

Hosting 2 or More Website? You Can: You get a chance to host as many websites as possible with your reseller account. Also, you aren’t restricted for whether to host a sub-domain or an addon-domain.

Want to Use Your Name? Of Course You Can: You can use your own brand name while selling the web hosting services. MilesWeb’s name won’t be visible to your clients. This is because they offer 100% white-labeled hosting services. 

Looking for High Performance? SSDs Will Do That: All the reseller hosting plans of MilesWeb include SSD drives that help to offer the best performance. These drives flash technology that helps to offer 200% better performance as compared to HDDs.

Worried About Managing Your cPanel Accounts? With WHM: WHM or Web Host Manager is the cPanel’s master management tool that helps to manage multiple cPanel accounts along with unlimited websites, emails, etc. You can also create multiple cPanel accounts.

Website Management? cPanel Control Panel: Access of cPanel can be to your clients for managing their emails, websites and domains from a web-based interface. You c also track the usage of your disk space and bandwidth. Additionally, you also get the rights to suspend, unsuspend and terminate your client accounts.

What About Apps installation? One-Click Installer: You get a one-click installer Softaculous that allows you to install more than 400 applications just in a single click. You can install apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Want to Build Your Website? Website Builder Will Help: You can build your own website with the help of the website builder tool. Though you don’t have any knowledge of coding or programming, you can easily build your website. Simply drag and drop the content and images into your selected theme and hit publish.

Datacenter Location Near Your Audience? Yes Possible: You can select a server location as per your preference. MilesWeb understands that a server should be located near your target audience. Therefore, they allow you to select the server location from India, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and Canada.

How to Detect Malware? Malware Scan & Removal Tool: You don’t have to worry about any malware or threat to your website. The malware scan and removal tool scans for the malware and virus and if detected any, it is immediately removed.

How to Send/Receive Emails? With Email Service: You can easily send and receive emails from your domain. You can setup you business email id with their free unlimited email accounts. The Webmail that is browser-based supports IMAP/POP3 email accounts and allows accessing emails from anywhere.

Bonus: You can also earn extra by reselling web hosting addons such as SSL certificate, backups, SpamExperts, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, WHO IS ID protection, Domain registration, etc. 

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Start Your Business

That’s all! You can now easily start your web hosting business in India. You can see that MilesWeb is offering you all the features at an affordable price. You just need to buy a reseller hosting plan and get started.