Ways to Play Avi Videos On MacOS X

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave, which can be referred to as a product of Microsoft, which is known to have been created, in the early part of 1990. It lets the users browse videos on any Mac device and also allows transfer between Mac and handy IOS devices. However, this application is generally known to be used in devices running on Windows but it is also capable of being used for Mac devices. Although, all AVI files don’t have the same compatibility with the no cost version of QuickTime by Apple. Hence, for such users playing AVI audios and videos on any Mac device may require enabling MacOS X to let it recognize the files of AVI. Few ways to accomplish this task are as follows:

Conversion of AVI Files to QuickTime Compatible Formats 

Converting all the AVI files on your device to a QuickTime compatible format will allow you to play those files on all inbuilt video apps by Mac. Supposedly, you can make use of the Video Converter app for playing all AVI files on your Mac device. This software enables the users to drop, drag, and transform all the AVI files into various formats that support QuickTime such as MOV, MP4, and M4V. Once the files are converted, they can be easily transferred to iTunes and also sync with your ATV, iPad, iPhone for background playback.

Important steps: 

  1. Select the add file option on the screen for adding the AVI file source to the program.
  2. Select the format of output from the drop-down menu and choose the bottom right button for converting the file.
  3. You can also download the Elmedia application which is known to be the best player of AVI on Mac devices. It is free software. It lets you enjoy all your most liked AVI files on Mac devices without facing without a single problem.

Play AVI Files on Mac by Elmedia 

  1. Complete the installation of AVI player for Mac on your Mac device.
  2. Adding AVI files

Select the video option on the user interface for adding the AVI files. It can even be dragged and dropped to the interface for better playback.

This AVI playing application even enables you to make adjustments in volume, change the aspect ratio, alter the screen size, click snapshots and so many different functions. Hence, you should give this media player application a try.