What Are The Best HDMI And DVI Cable Adapters That You Must Try?

HDMI cables carry the following 2 responsibilities.

  • Transferring uncompressed video signals between digital devices
  • Transferring uncompressed as well as compressed audio digital signals between devices with HDMI ports

DVI or digital visual interface cables are used to pair a video display controller to a digital video display device. It is of the following 3 types;

  • DVI – I  
  • DVI – D
  • DVI – A

Thus, if looking forward to buying such conversion sources to serve the purpose of pairing an HDMI port with a DVI monitor and vice-versa, you must consider the following adapter cables since they reduce upgradation cost.

  1. HDMI to DVI-D Dual Link Bi-Directional Cable

This video-only 28AWG converter cable is triple-shielded for the purpose of transferring noise-free uncompressed HD video signals. Some of its best features include the following.

  • Compatibility with all HD formats
  • Supporting resolution as high as 1080P
  • Gold plated connectors that are corrosion proof for longevity
  1. Displayport Male to HDMI Female Adapter

This is one of the best and most economical converter cable adapters that supports HDMI 1.3a as high as 2.25 Gbps. It also offers full compatibility with Displayport link training. You can buy it at the best prices at PrimeCables.ca. Some of its best features are given below.

  • Full HD resolution as high as 1080P
  • An LED indicator and gold plated or Nickel connectors for noise-free signal exchange
  • Full compatibility with VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, and, UXGA
  • RoHS, CE, and FCC compliance
  1. HDMI Female to DVI Dual Link ( 24+1 ) Male Adaptor

This high-quality cable connector is built for the purpose of keeping RF and EM noises at a minimum in order to keep signals as pure as possible during transmission. It also offers the following benefits that make it so reliable and popular.

  • It can be used to pair all devices that have onboard HDMI and DVI-D ports
  • It offers a high 1080P resolution for ultra-clear video quality
  1. DVI-D Single Link Male To HDMI® Female Adapter

This is basically a converter and connector source to sync HDMI cables to devices with onboard DVI ports. Its most noteworthy features are given below.

  • Alongside new devices, it is also compatible with old TV monitors with DVI input ports only
  • It is bidirectional in nature and has a long life

On a closing note, you must also remember that the following 4 cables and cable adapters are not just cost-effective, but also highly durable; hence economical in the long run.