What Ensures Your Safety on Digital Platforms?

In this digital age, it is evident that we are like open books on the online platforms that make us prone to many risks that rather seemed unknown a few decades ago. Everyone has an account on social networking websites where they share all the moments of life. Social networking websites have indeed started a new era of globalization but at the same time, people also ran into the risks, which involve stalking by someone to even identity theft.

Someone more knowledgeable with technology than you if chooses to do wrong with the information that you shared on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram then there is nothing to stop that person. Even if such a person knows how to view private Facebook then this can be seriously dangerous. People connected with you through Facebook won’t know and this can lead to many serious issues.

To ensure your safety on digital platforms there is only one thing you can do and that is acquiring the information and knowledge of all the security threats to someone on digital platforms. You can learn and use that to protect yourself from risks posed by hackers and cybercriminals.

·       Where The Data Leakage Might Happen:

Understanding your system is the first step towards ensuring that your data is safe. You need to keep your system always updated; this ensures that your system has the latest security protocols. Do not surf on websites that are not secure, do not download illegal content from the internet, etc are some of the ways to stop the data leakage firsthand. Using secure and strong passwords is also important.

·       How Hackers Hack Into Your Social Media Account:

Hackers can hack into your social media accounts in many ways. If your security is loose at even one point then you might fall prey to hacking. There are many on how to hack someones Facebook, you can read them and understand more about this to ensure your social media account, that either is Facebook or Instagram, is safe.

·       How Phishing Works:

Understanding this can help you with not only protecting your social media accounts but also your money. Many cybercriminals pose a trustworthy person and try to talk you into giving your private details to them. This can be stopped by just knowing and understanding all the warnings provided by your bank or Credit Card Company or social media company.

·       How Computer Virus Reaches Into Your System:

This is a major threat that doesn’t even require the attacker to do anything in person. Viruses can enter your system through a download from an unsafe website or malicious email. This can be stopped by using antivirus or VPN.