What every web designer needs to know before starting a project?

Web Design is an area that is in the daily lives of each one of us, and without it and its passionate professionals, A lot on the internet would not be possible to accomplish. So let’s see some tips on what you need to know before you start web designing.

Which Faculty to follow?

If you like to Design a presentation, the ideal is to choose graphic design, industrial design and digital design. If you like lots of programming code and algorithms, the way is to do something facing Systems Analysis, Information Technology or Internet Systems (technologist). If you want to learn these courses, take help from online or professionals. These courses are well directed and the duration is much shorter.

Web Design Concepts and Fundamentals

Concepts and fundamentals are the most correct way to understand what you do, you need to learn to work in the environment where the project will be used and applied, and you need to understand what you are creating and how each element that constitutes a website works. Being a web design expert, knowing the principles are very important. Or else, you need to understand the structure and fundamentals first, and then learn the tool that will allow you to create a layout.

What do you need to know?

Analyse websites after learning the tools, you will need to know how to create a website that converts, sells and generates leads. You will need to understand about the design part, such as:

  • Usability, to ensure that your sites will be visually pleasing and that navigation will be easier for the user, that is, always think of the best possible browsing experience, making your site more effective and commercial.
  • Typography for web.
  • Colours for web.
  • Web accessibility.
  • Web images.
  • Interface Design, among others.

You will also need to understand a little about internet and technology, such as: Hosting and domains, HTML and CSS, CMS (content managers). From these premises you are already a well-structured professional.


In addition, we hope our tips will help you lot. Along with these you will also need to understand how to price, how to manage people, manage your time and manage more than two projects at the same time, manage processes and tasks, know how to create a quality briefing and especially how to deal with the customer. Then you will ready for web designing market.