What Having a Good Web Design Means

While most businesses are going digital and incorporating technology in their operations, some may not be doing it right. This might lead to missing out on the benefits of taking the smart technological step. If you are working on your SEO strategy to create brand awareness for your brand and improve your bottom line, you need to ensure you have the best web design.

Working with a skilled web designer to create a good web design can bring you tons of benefits. A good web design enhances user-experience, increases traffic, and, consequently, the revenue your business generates. Here is what having a good web design entail.

  1. Mobile responsiveness

60% of search results in search engines originate from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This means that the majority of the visitors on your page are using mobile devices. When designing your site, put this factor into consideration. Your website should be responsive to all types of screens and devices to ensure that all your visitors have a good experience on your page.

  1. Excellent page loading speed

If your loading speed is painfully slow, a visitor will exit your page and go to that of your competitor’s. To optimize your website’s loading speed, compress your images to reduce their size but retain their quality. Also, compressing CSS will boost your page loading speed.

What are the other implications of a slow website? It can affect your site’s ranking on SERPs. If a visitor clicks on your site and exits shortly afterward, your bounce rate increases. Search engines interpret this as not being able to help the users; you will, therefore, not be given a good ranking. This will, in turn, reduce your visibility.

  1. Simplicity

A website with a simple interface has good web design. No one wants to land on a page that has too much going on. It becomes hard to find your way around the site, weighing down its user-friendliness. Your website should have as few elements as possible. This will enhance its appeal and at the same time, improve navigation. This will be good for both the users and web crawlers.

  1. Imagery and color combination

How you use images and colors can break or make your web design. If used well, images can be useful in grabbing the attention of visitors. Ensure that the images you use are of high quality and do not slow down page loading. Also, the colors used should not be distracting, create a balance, and everyone will want to be on your page.

The best way to get your web design right is through working with a professional. Website design is a critical factor in digital marketing and SEO. The four insights above will help you understand better what good web design is.