What is a SERP tracking API?

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For a website, it is important to stay positioned right at the top of a search result page. In fact, it is like the ultimate pathway that drives traffic and helps to cut through tough competition. Using a SERP tracking API is a common phrase used in SEO, but how many of us actually know about it in depth? Before we move on to details of SEO, let’s understand more about SERP tracking API.

What is SERP

A SERP (search engine results page) means that it is a list of search engine results that are displayed when one searches for a specific word or set of words in the search bar. There will be a number of listings, the top most ones being clicked by readers most commonly, as per reports. Any particular search query that arrives at the Google platform is processed by algorithms which actually work to show the results, the order of display based entirely on relevance. Thus, everybody, right from website developer to owner to SEO users use SEO methods to reach their page o position number one on SERP.

SERP tracking API

Once you know about SERP, you can very well understand about SERP tracking API. It is basically a rank tracker which gives a list of results that contain a website’s ranking in a particular search engine. You have to specify parameters like keyword, domain and search engine. The system, in turn, presents ranking data based on its findings as per specified criteria.

A SERP API is also a kind of position checker that gives the first 100 results, including paid search results of all popular search engines.

How does a SERP API help?

Commonly used by SEO companies, SERP tracking API facilitates effective SEO by making organised data accessible. You can use any location, keyword or language in SERP API. For instance, keyword position analysis is done at a fast pace and with utmost accuracy. There are professional SERP tracking API websites which offer different plans for users to subscribe. As a result, they will provide results that contain the websites or particular keyword query. Various online sites give live results through interfaces to be filled online. 

Thus, mainly a SERP API enables website developers to access real-time Google search results, and to be able to integrate this information to their website building in order to reach the top most positions. The results are mostly in the form JSON formats.

In conclusion, these SERP tracking APIs are very essential for website programmers as well as owners so that they can scrape the much-needed result from a search engine or any other site depending on specifications. In the simplest words, this is the most efficient to gain traffic to your website. So, whether it is an SEO agency, or an in-house team that has keyword tracking needs in bulk or SEO tool providers, all can take advantage of search engine position monitoring effectively delivered by SERP Tracking API platforms.