What Should You Know About the Wire EDM Machining Process?

Electrical Discharge Machining or EDM machining is one of the top-rated manufacturing processes today. This technology implements sparks that help form desired metal shapes. For these reasons, it is sometimes referred to as spark machining. Through the discharge of current discharges that happens between two electrodes, metals are placed, cut into shapes, and are detached from metal sheets.

There are predominantly two different types of EDM- the wire and the sinker. The former method uses a wire as the tool of the electrode and the later process spools the metal in a way that prevents it from eroding but helps get the perfect shape.

Understanding the process

The process applies purely streamlined physics where a metal part is placed right into a dielectric fluid. Here a wire is then fed into the metal component through its submerged area. The electric current when passed, creates sparks that help to break down the metal to required shapes. The distance of the electrodes determines the intensity of the electric field. The narrower the electrodes, the higher the intensity of the dielectric fluid. This helps current to pass more easily and help the shape making process fasten.

Benefits of this application

The EDM Machining has gotten popular as a cheese cutter and has to offer a lot of unique advantages over other methods because:

  • This process is careful enough to remove all of the excess materials without even exerting any strong pressure on the metal.
  • This process is entirely automated.
  • This process can reduce damage to the most minimum level.
  • They can easily accommodate any hard material and there’s no need for secondary thermal treatments.
  • There is almost a negative surface distortion happening to the metals.

Applications of this method

The mold and die manufacturing industries use the EDM machining techniques. They use this method to satisfy their industry needs for extrusion dies and blanking punches. The benefit of using this method is that it can be used in absolutely everything, from prototypes to full production runs. And they find their best use in the carving and crafting of metal tools and components. These industries prefer using EDM because of the low residual stress levels that they produce.

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