Why be a data scientist? Is it for studious people?

Being a data scientist is one of the sought-after professions in the world as their work helps almost everyone. IBM has predicted that demand for data scientists will increase manifold times by 2020. In this growing population world where everything is changing at a very fast pace, you are going to require a large number of data scientists for the present and future predictions.

All you need to know about data science

Data scientists need to have excellent knowledge over subjects like statistics, data mining, logistic regression, hypothesis testing, linear regression, data visualization, data wrangling and many such subjects. Data Science Course covers an extensive training in data science. The course is led by instructors who are masters in their respective subjects. All the instructors have a minimum of 15 years of experience in their fields of teaching as professors in the top Ivy League colleges and universities worldwide.

The Data Science Course in Bangalore is a self-paced learning course where you can stop at any point of time as per your own comforts and commitments. The course will be fully supervised and a mentor will be in touch with you for any kind of assistance if you require after classes. Regular projects will be given to work on so that you have the first-hand experience rather than just rote memorising facts and figures. The skills that are focused on in this course will help you in your preparation to become a successful data scientist.

Many top tech companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, IBM, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter require Data scientists for the prediction & analysis work.

Data scientists are paid a handsome average salary of $165K per year, and the job opportunities in this field of data science and analytical roles are many in number.

Taking this course will be an added benefit as this provides a 100% guarantee of getting placed in a company after successfully completing the course. A certified certificate will also be given to the candidates who have successfully completed the course without having any backlogs.

The prerequisites for data science program/course are:

  • You should have a basic knowledge of stats.
  • You should have a basic understanding of a programming language.