Why Is It Necessary To Reset Your WordPress Site?

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More Than one-third of the internet holds the most reliable and robust platform called ‘WordPress’. From a modest blogging tool, WP has developed into a potent modern system that helps people setup any type of website. 

Beginners and professional web developers at some point, feel the need to click on the red and shiny ‘Reset’ button on their WP site. Why?

Reasons to reset a WordPress site

If a site is operating smoothly, there is no need to reset. Nevertheless, if you are a novice, and wish to learn about web developer testing codes on your site, then there might be a need to reset WordPress site. 


Beginners will often need to test WordPress to get familiar with its working. It means to experiment with the settings and a variety of tools. They will try to upload a few graphics or publish content, and alter them to see how it works. They will even create a couple of new user’s account to find out how differently the user roles function. 

If they have to choose a theme and plugin, then the testing time will be lengthy. There are limitless free and premium WP themes and plugins. Choosing the right ones you prefer to have on your site, will be a time-consuming process.

Themes will be uninstalled plenty of times, until a worthy one is found for the blog. If you are familiar with WordPress, then you must be aware that several plugins are designed for the same task. Just have a couple or three of them installed to find out how they look, and what difference can they make to your website.

Due to all these testing activities, WordPress becomes messy and eventually slows down. The database is full of unnecessary data, and it is not possible to eliminate it manually. Therefore, you might have to reset your WP blog or site. It means you can start from the beginning, without any need to go through the entire installation process again. 

Web developers

A developer is well-aware that testing of codes are a tedious task. If they wish to test the themes and plugins on a fresh WP site, they will need to do local installations, which is time consuming. Fortunately, with a single click, they can avoid spending time on installations. 

Reset a WordPress site

The WP Reset plugin is free and has thousands of active users.

  • Install the WP Reset plugin from the WebFactory
  • Visit Tools -> WP Reset
  • Select Post Reset Actions
  • Enter or type in ‘Reset’
  • Press the ‘Reset WP’ button

The plugin will ask for confirmation. It is a safety mechanism to prevent you from hitting the reset accidentally. If you are certain about resetting, confirm everything. In a few seconds, the plugin will work, log you out then log you in a freshly installed WordPress blog

There are good WP Reset features and options, which can help you to debug, develop, and test.

  • Post reset
  • Database snapshot
  • Selective reset
  • Plugins & themes collection

With the WP Reset plugin, you can work with a fresh WordPress installation in seconds!