Why Should You Avoid Cheap Web Hosting Plans?

Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated vs Cloud Hosting

If you are a newbie, it may be confusing to decide on the type of hosting for your website. With so many options available in the market, it may become a tedious task of zeroing in on one. There are many factors which one must consider before taking the plunge. However, an undeniable common factor is the cost of hosting. One cannot afford to ignore their budget while selecting a hosting plan. It may be imperative to go with the cheapest plan available in the market, especially if it is your first website. However, this could prove to be counterintuitive to your growth. It is advisable to avoid cheap or free hosting plans, or you may regret later.

Reasons to avoid cheap hosting plans

  1. Resource Limitation: Since with cheap hosting plans, the resources are very limited, your website may not perform to its potential. Web hosting companies, stuff in a lot of users on a single server, thereby restricting resources like RAM, CPU and storage for your website. WordPress uses PHP in the backend. With limited PHP memory assigned to your website, your site may break while using a resource-intensive theme or plugin. 
  2. Security concerns: With the number of cyberattacks increasing every year, security remains the top priority for budding entrepreneurs looking to take their website online. However, with free or cheap hosting plans, a single physical server crams in innumerable websites. A security compromise on one website may adversely affect all other websites on the same server. Purchasing additional security features may even out the cost you are saving from a cheap plan. Cloud Web Hosting offers a great alternative for your website if security is a major concern. 
  3. Lack of support: Technical issues may arrive at odd times. Companies offering cheap hosting plans fail to provide the necessary support in time of crisis. This could leave your website down for several hours, failing the very purpose of your website of catering to the audience. With good hosting plans, a dedicated technical expert is assigned for your website to handle the technical glitches.
  4. Negative SEO: With Google and other search engines alike, including website speed and performance as important parameters for ranking a website in their search engine algorithm, it can be counterproductive to host your website on cheap hosting with limited resources. Increase in time-to-first-byte (TTFB) can have a negative impact on your website’s chances of climbing the search engine ladder. 
  5. Hidden charges: Although the basic plan may sound lucrative, cheap hosting plans usually involve hideous charges for extending features. Mandatory features such as SSL certificate and the backup may not be included with the basic plan, and you may have to purchase it separately, making it costlier. With Cloud Hosting plans, many companies give free Cheap SSL Certificate  for your website, which builds trust among your audience. 


Although a cheap hosting plan may be lucrative on paper, it can highly compromise your website performance. Shared Hosting is the go-to-choice among new website owners, mainly due to their price-effectiveness. However, it has its own set of limitations and is not suited to handle a huge amount of traffic or hosting resource-intensive websites like e-commerce. Cloud Hosting, on the other hand, is a great alternative with a variety of features and offers security and reliability to the users. Also, the flexible scalability of resources with Cloud Hosting helps you scale resources in sync with your business growth. Therefore, it is imperative to analyze your hosting requirements, avoid cheap hosting plans and invest in a good Cloud Hosting plan.