Why You Need to Clean Your vaporizer Often

As you use a vaporizer you will find over time that a residue of gunk and left-over material builds up on the vaporizer. This can give rise to issues with your vaporizer. We look at not only why you need to ensure your vaporizer is kept clean, but also the best way to clean it.

What Happens When a vaporizer is Not Cleaned?

Well, as mentioned above, when you don’t clean your vaporizer then tiny particles of left-over matter build up inside your vaporizer. This can affect the parts of your device. It can mean that the heating element doesn’t work as well as it should and that therefore you will use the battery more quickly to get the vapour from your device. Not only that but the little bits of left-over herb and other matter will burn and pollute your vapour. This can mean that not only will the vapour not taste right, but it can be damaging. So, remember to ensure clean vapour, then keep your vaporizer clean.

What Should I Use to Clean it?

One of the best chemicals that you can get for cleaning a vaporizer is isopropyl alcohol. This is because the alcohol works with greasy residue and breaks it down. It turns the dried-out residue back into a liquid so that it can be wiped away much easier. Along with liquifying residue, it also has the benefit of killing bacteria. The best thing to do is to use a cloth that you soak in the alcohol solution, you can then use this to wipe down your vaporizer. What you should be careful is though is to not use this on any wooden material on your vaporizer as it can potentially damage the wood. If your metal screen or filters are particularly bad then you can remove them from the device and leave them to soak overnight in the isopropyl alcohol solutions, this will help to get rid of the build-up and mean they can be easily cleaned in the morning.

Prevention is Best

Cleaning your vaporizer is a bit like doing the dishes. If you do it often, then it isn’t so much of a chore. However, if you let it build up over time, then the task will be much harder work to do. Your vaporizer should come with a hard-bristled brush. You should use this at the end of each day to give your vaporizer a quick rub down. The best way to accomplish this is to wait for your vaporizer to cool down. Once it has, then tip it upside down over a tissue and knock it several times to remove any loose material from the device. Next, use the brush to remove any remaining packed in material or herbs that are still in the device, this can particularly be around the filter, and this is the area that has the most significant effect on the taste of the vapour. Finally, you should clean out the mouthpiece before reassembling your device.