Why Your Cut Shots in Pool is missing the Mark & How You Can Fix It

Cut shots

Most players use cut shots to shoot the cue ball away from the target pocket, but most in this situation, players miss the cue ball or the target. When you see yourself hitting the object ball with a little impact or miss the pocket, then know that your shots in the pool are the ones preventing you from winning the game.

You can find yourself looking away from vital visual cues in the pool. When this happens, the unexpected can happen because everything goes wrong from the angle or the shots you make. With the help of this article, you will be able to know why your cut shots in the pool are missing the Mark and how you can fix it.

Why Are Your Cut Shots in the Pool Missing the Mark?

Cuts shots in a pool are the missing Mark because it can lead to the following;

Not having enough care and focus. 

It is a problem that can make your shot to be a missing mark once you lack enough care and focus. While you are in the pool, you need maximum focus and care to win. However, if you lack these two skills, performing shots in the pool will increase losing the game.

Inaccurate visual alignment

The pool is one of the games where you have to pay attention to your visual cues. Yet, you might have accurate focus, but inaccurate visual alignment can lead you in making bad judgments while playing the game with cut shots.

Inaccurate aiming

Inaccurate aiming is another missing mark in the pool game. This problem results from a lack of proper visual cues and focus. When you perform strike the cue ball with cut shots, it will be a trick to aim accurately at the pocket due to poor judgment.

Inaccurate stroke

Stroking the cue ball with cut shots require some calculations, which you have to calculate and approximate what will happen next. If you are at a wrong angle or position, you can strike the cue ball, giving the object a ball-less or high impact. Therefore, you cannot determine if you will hit the target or pocket the ball with an inaccurate stroke.

Lack of understanding

The pool game does involve just stroking the ball anyhow, but a prior estimation and approximation have to be made so that you can determine where to strike. Lack of understanding of the mathematics or techniques involved when using the cut shots minimizes your chance of hitting the target.

How Can You Fix It?

Sharpening your visual cues

You have to work on your visual cues because this is the most valuable skill in a pool when striking the ball using cut shots. You can sharpen your skill by learning how to make estimation and approximation visual, and then when you apply them, they are correct as you have approximated. 

Repositioning yourself

One solution you can use to fix these problems is to revert your position. Once you find yourself in a trick position, make sure you position yourself well so that you can sight well the pocket or the target before you make any cut shots.

Making Modification to your aiming technique

Another thing that you may consider is that before you cut a shot, you should have a pre-shot routine that will help you determine if you will hit where you are aiming. The aiming technique involves a lot of this, though, how you hold your stick, focus, and many other things. 

Accurate stroke

Stroking the ball using this shot matters a lot in a pool game. Remember to accurately calculate how you will hit the ball and what impact to hit the target before you strike the ball.


The above information shows you how cut shots can be the missing Mark and how to fix it to increase the target’s chance. Now that you know what usually happens while using these shots, you can ensure reliable aiming and stroking when playing pool games. Remember, the ideal skill you have to develop is the aiming techniques that entail many things, as you have seen above. 

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