WMV Files: How Can You Access And Convert Them

Windows media video, abbreviated as WMV is a compact video format that Microsoft developed a few years ago to compete against RealVideo. Initially, this format was developed for online applications but now is mostly used for professional content. Thus file format has a small size because its size reduces considerably after it’s compressed. As a result, the quality of WMV videos is always poor.

The only advantage people enjoy is that all WMV files can be downloaded and shared via emails. Every windows operating system uses the windows media player to run WMV files. Mac users already have a free WMV player installed in their devices by default.

Accessing a WMV file

Most devices operated by Windows have this WMP installed by default. If you are a Windows user, you don’t have to install its alternatives. You can access all WMV files through WMP application. Mac users now use the flip4Mac application for accessing WMV files because Microsoft stopped updating the WMV file format after version 9 for Mac users. The only problem in using flip4Mac is that it offers paid services.

In today’s digitalised era, there are ample alternatives that offer similar services available to us. Sone of them is KMPlayer, MPlayer, DivX player, VLC, etc. These are free multimedia players that support playback of Windows media video files and can be used by both Windows and Mac OS users. Besides the ones mentioned, Elmedia player is another great alternative, which is worth considering, especially for Mac users. If you are willing to try it out, visit  https://www.elmedia-video-player.com/play-wmv-on-mac.html

Conversion of WMV files into other video formats 

For converting your required WMV files, using any online converting tool is the way solution. They come for free and deliver quick services. Also, they allow you to choose from various video formats like MKV, AVI, 3GP, MP4, and FLV. You can choose any of these video formats to get your file converted. All you need to do is install any suitable converting tool and select the WMV file which has to be converted to any other video format. Now choose the format you want to file to be converted to.

Freemake video converter and any video converter are two applications that people prefer mostly for converting their WMV files to the required video formats. These are easy to be used and are delivering hassle-free services for years. The best part is they support various other output formats. For instance, if you are using Freemake video converter for this purpose, your file will be directly converted to MP4 format while your audio will be saved in mp3 format.

There are several online video conversion software and tools like zamzar which can also be used to convert WMV files into video formats quickly. But they come with certain disadvantages. For using them, you don’t have to install or download the application. You can simply upload your WMV file to the conversion page and wait for it to convert it into your preferred format. But this sometimes takes long because these WMV files can sometimes have a big file size.