Your Choices for Buying the Backlinks Now

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Backlinking is a very important positioning criterion in the Google algorithm. According to the search engine, links pointing to a site provide good authority: the site is supposed to be interesting. However, many SEOs and webmasters believe it is good to get backlinks at all costs even from poor quality sites …

This is a bad SEO strategy.

Definition Of A Backlink, To buy backlinks

A backlink, or inbound link or back link, is a link that points to a website or page of a website. They are essential in a SEO SEO strategy: the reputation index of a site is improved, which increases the chances of ending up in the first positions of a search page on a search engine like Google (SERP).

Backlinking is the strategy of obtaining backlinks in order to optimize the global netlinking of a website and therefore its positioning on the SERP. Backlinking allows you to obtain additional traffic on the destination website but also to gain notoriety with Internet users and search engines via robots that crawl sites and follow links.

A Good Backlink, What Is It?

Like hunters, there is the good backlink and the bad backlink. But what is a good backlink? The right backlink must follow specific rules to improve the natural SEO of a site and increase traffic. The natural backlink, obtained free of charge, must answer the following points:

  • A reliable site that complies with Google’s rules and is highly trusted. We talk about Trust Flow on Majestic SEO as an indicator of reliability. The more reliable a backlink is, the higher the score will be.
  • A site that does not practice link spamming in every way. It would be too easy to be able to create hundreds or even thousands of links to a site for better referencing. Too many links affect Citation Flow negatively. We prefer a Citation Flow weaker than the Trust Flow.
  • Sites that provide backlinks must be of different natures: blogs, corporate website, directories, social networks.

The site pointing to yours must have a similar theme

The anchor link must match your article without exaggerating to avoid a penalty

The Tips For Getting Free Backlinks

Looking to make good backlinking with free backlinks? Not easy, unless you are able to attract incoming links naturally with a relevant strategy.

Present Your Product, Service Or Complementary Content

You must offer your website as an added value for a third party site. For this, your content or activity must be similar or complementary to a blog, site or directory content.