Your pc is safe now with a hidden software

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Sometimes people ask for your PC or laptop and you have to give your device to them. After giving our system to anyone we always think, how is he using your device, which software he might be installed on your computer, which site is being visited? All these cacophonies go around in our minds. Here is the most affordable software to track everything, anytime. It is very safe is to work very fast. So we are going to discuss keylogger software and in this segment.  We will be discussing “how to set up a keylogger” and its important and hidden feature.

Keylogger work in hidden mode

A keylogger is a software that me very safe to use on our computer and able to trace the keyword with timing. The exciting feature of this software is “it works in hidden mode”, which means people will not notice that any software is actively tracing his activity while he/ she are working on your computer. Comparatively, it is small software but it works effectively and fast.  His is user-friendly software, once it is installed, you don’t have to do much more. Whenever you want to fetch the data regarding the activity, it will fetch the data accordingly. To understand more about this software let’s dig into “how to set up a keylogger”.

A brief explanation of the setup

First, we have to download the set fill. We can download a free keylogger setup file. After that, we will have to follow the process of the settings wizard. In this way, we will have a keylogger installed. In the notification bar, you will have to check for a free key logger which will be in the right- below the corner of our system. When you will open that at the pop-up window will appear. There will be 2 options to start upsetting. The first one will be “automatically starts the program with windows” and start the program in hidden mode. In an individual setting, we have to check to hide in the start menu and hide in the uninstall list. After setting up we will have to click on apply and spy. 

In all this method we have to remember one thing that is hidden mode hotkey because after configuring you are not able to find this software in the control panel or anywhere, it will be hidden. Once your system will be started you can trace every search with time. So this was all about a brief idea about keylogger.