Zedge – free wallpapers and ringtones

Using the Zedge app you can personalize your Android Phone. There are more cool ringtones and pleasurable background wallpapers are there. You can find out there the wallpapers and ringtones that suit your age, gender, and your personal desires. So, make a connection with the Zedge and explore more items there.

What can you obtain finally by using the Zedge app? You can get a Customise device finally. Basically, the contents are as follows.

  • Live wallpapers.
  • HD wallpapers.
  • Alarm sounds.
  • Ringtones.

To find out a desired one by the above records. There are more details than mentioned in the above.The Zedgeapk is about a 20 MB sized app. So, you can easily download this app using mobile data. Zedge can be classified as an app for personalization.


Basically, an expected user has to be aware of the above details. Then after there is another specific section left with us. Those are the features.

Features of the Zedge

  • Library of more varieties.
    As in the above mentioned there are wide varieties of stickers, wallpapers, ringtones, alarm sounds and notification sounds are there. You have only to search for them.
  • Wallpapers
    There are more varieties of wallpapers in the Zedge that suit any type of screen. Full HD and 4K wallpapers are contained in the app. If you are looking for a fancy background or a girly wallpaper, definitely you will find it. The user can apply the same wallpaper for the lock screen or the home screen or use separate ones.You could select a background that is auto-rotating and use filters abs stickers for the background.
  • Live wallpapers
    You could find live wallpapers with more effects. Don’t think the above live wallpapers will die your battery. Also, you don’t need to use external live wallpapers. There are more qualitative wallpapers there.
  • Ringtones
    There are more endless ringtones there. You can make a ringtone for every individual. And you are able to apply a ringtone for the nature of the people.
  • Notification sound
    It can set more personalized sounds for the alerts and the alarms.
  • Stickers
    Create a background for more personal by using the stickers in the library. You could make the wallpaper a meme too.
  • Saving options
    You can get your favorites from any other device that you have. You just need to log in with another device.
  • Permissions
    You have to access some permissions for the app. Like the permissions to allow for the contacts, storage, and the photos
  • Contain In-app purchases
    All the content on this app is not free at all. There is premium content that you have to buy.
  • Safety
    Your privacy is protected while using the app. The app doesn’t give your private details to another party. So, the app is safe. And there is no harmful content included in the app.
  • Legal confirmations
    The app is permitted by the law. So, there is no obstacle against the app.

So, the above all details are related to the main specification of the app. So, use the app and feel your experience. The experience has to be awesome. And make your phone Customize the whole smartphone Customize with the Zedge app. Genuinely that will be a surprising experience for you. You can download this app from Google Play Store. You can use AC Market if you are unable to download this app from play store.